Because I’m So Brave!!

We went to the mall today to look for some maternity clothes.
Found absolutely nothing I liked.

Sierra has been asking if she could get her ears pierced ever since Brooklyn got hers done. I told her of course she could have her ears pierced but she had to wait until we went to the mall again.

On the way in she was practically skipping. She was smiling ear to ear and kept telling me, “I’m brave enough! I got shots and didn’t cry! I’m not scared at all!”
And sure enough…

She was brave and wasn’t scared at all.
During the actual piercing part she mouthed, “ow” with her face scrunched up. I rubbed her hand and tried to keep from smiling because it was such a cute thing for her to do.

As soon as the piercing part was over she jumped out of the chair and has spent the rest of the day beaming, just like Brooklyn did.
And now they call themselves “twinners.” Cute, cute.

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