Payson Got a Rash

In continuation of our Month of Ill Payson developed a rash. It isn’t bothering him in the slightest so for now a doctor’s visit isn’t in the plans.

And I never shy away from sharing just how cranky of a child Payson is so I HAVE to tell you guys that for 5 days STRAIGHT he’s been a complete ANGEL! Never in his entire life has he been as pleasant as he has been the last 5 days. It’s amazing! The only real change in his diet is an addition of probiotics. We’re thinking of keeping him on them permanently since they always seem to help so much.

4 thoughts on “Payson Got a Rash

  • I give probiotics to my 4 yr. old almost on a daily basis (for sure during/after a round of antibiotics which thankfully is rare). I buy the capsules and break them open and mix the powder into her yogurt every morning. I used to try and hide it but now she reminds me if I forget. We've also done the Kefir smoothies and she loves those.

    She has been on antibiotics more often than my 7 yr. old and also tends to be prone to yeast infections is why I mainly give it to the 4 yr. old on a daily basis and my 7 yr. old only when I remember, lol.

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