Month of Ill

I think we’ve caught most everything under the sun this month. And so I deemed it the [ourlastname] family Month of Ill!

The other day Brooklyn, after playing happily and feeling fine all day, suddenly started crying about her ear hurting. It was so sudden and so extreme I was pretty surprised.
Random fact- not one of my kids has EVER had an ear infection. Crazy, huh?

So we called her doctor and at 3pm they had absolutely no sick appointments left so we instead made our merry way over to the urgent care center. Twice in one week… story of my life, right?
The doctor there said it might be an ear infection or it could be ear pain from an upper respiratory tract infection he thought she has and gave her some meds.

She felt better within 5 hours of taking her first dose of stuff (antibiotics and motrin).. and has been doing well ever since. (She also takes a small dose of steriods in the morning.)
I’m enjoying(not) another 10 days of getting up in the middle of the night to dispense the very-desired pink stuff.
Both she and Payson wake up from a deep sleep and immediately open their mouths now, expecting the dose. It totally cracks me up.
I’m actually feeling extremely grateful that despite being sick they’re all in good moods. No night wakings besides the medicine times.

One thought on “Month of Ill

  • Fun times. My 3 kids have all had coughs in the last couple of weeks that they can't seem to shake completely, and my daughter had an ear infection the other day, too. I thought those would go away since she had her tonsils out, but she has had two in the last year!

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