Our New-To-Us Car

I mentioned last week that we’d been looking at new cars. Since our 4Runner only had 5 seats and baby coming this fall makes 6 we figured we’d better get a bigger vehicle.

We toyed with the idea of a minivan but decided that we wanted something with better gas mileage. Allan showed me a few different cars that would be good for us and my favorite was the Mazda5. Though when I say my favorite it’s misleading because I really couldn’t care less what I’m driving as long as everyone fits and it works!! Seriously give me the ugliest car on the planet and I wouldn’t care one bit.

I do like how the Mazda looks, though 🙂

This car is a 2009 with 30,000 miles on it. We traded in the 4Runner that day and the deal Allan got on everything was really good.

This is the first car I’ve used that is an automatic! It’s so odd to drive an automatic. It’s so easy. I feel lazy! ha

Want to know my favorite part of the new car? The sliding doors for the kids!

The only thing I don’t like is that the space in the back of the car for groceries is teeny tiny. My jogging stroller won’t fit in there. I use my jogging stroller every time we go to the park or arboretum or on short hikes so I’m very bummed about that 🙁

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  • I drove a Mazda 5 from 2005 (06 model–the first year they came out)–and we loved it so much that we actually traded for another Mazda 5 in 2008, just wanted the newer model. I drove it until just very recently. Great visibility! Love the sliding doors with little ones. You will love it. Great choice. Consumer Reports always rates the Mazda 5 really high. 🙂

  • We've always been Chevy people (or GMC) and I'm afraid that's the way we'll always have to be if we want free mechanic work. ;c) LOL My dad is a mechanic and he will not even toy with the idea of having his only daughter drive a foreign vehicle…even though secretly I think I'd love a Honda Odyssey. I guess I love the free labor more. ;c)
    What kind of gas mileage do you/will you get in the Mazda5? I've been driving our Chevy Venture for 6 years now and it averages right around 26-ish miles/gallon which I think is pretty decent. I'm curious what other types of vehicles are capable of.
    We are looking at a new vehicle too (not because of an extra baby, of course, but because the Venture now has 202,000 miles on it!!!) and I think we'll end up getting another minivan. We had toyed around with the idea of getting an SUV, but my dad was saying that I *might* get 18 miles/gallon on the interstate with a tail wind. Um….yeah, we're going to have to pass on that one!
    Even though vans are kinda' lame, I love mine. I'm all about having more space than I know what to do with in a car…because we fill it UP in a hurry!
    Sorry for the novel, but since we're looking at vehicles too, it just caught my interest. ;c) haha

  • My minivan has sliding doors and I LOVE them. I don't have to worry about the kids throwing them open and hitting another car in the parking lot. LOL.

    Glad you got something you really like. Since my back hatch is filled with those goodwill bags I was telling you I need to get rid of I have been using the front seat to hold groceries and such. I think it is time I go make that drop. After all it is only 5 minutes from my house. 🙂

  • I just got a Mazda5 this summer and I puffy heart it so much! The sliding doors are a huge help! And I only have 1 kid. I will warn you, tires are expensive because they are low profile. I blew one on a big pothole this winter and it was $200 for the tire alone. I guess all big cars/suv's are like that though. I hope you continue to love it!

  • You will love it…except, I could never do without the extra room in the back. If we ever have a third child, I will have to go to something bigger. I have loved the versatility of huge cargo space for a stroller and a trip to Sam's Club (or camping) or two extra seats when we need them. How are you going to use a stroller or buy groceries or go camping? Just wondering. 🙂 Congrats on your new 5!

  • This is a great lookin' car! I love it, the style, the convenience, good choice Allan! I loved when we got our Dodge Caravan for the same reason you like yours! Funny! I also loved seeing us all fit into it neatly. I also hated no space in the back! Made no sense to me why we got a better seating space car but had to fit in like sardines whenever we went grocery shopping! Maybe they expect you to do it when kids are asleep or with other parent late at night?! Riiiight?! That is when you want to either be with the man you've been missing all day or go to bed early too! The grocery space is so small car designing peoples!!!

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