Marvelous March

The kids had a blast playing in the desert by our house today. Near the end Sierra fell into the rocks/dirt and scratched her legs up.

After she had a bath you could hardly tell she’d ever had a scratch at all, let alone all up and down her legs!

Payson spent most of the time in the garage watching Allan. He kept watching what Allan was working on and then looking at Allan’s face and smiling and then looking back to what Allan was working on. So freaking cute watching them.

Allan snapped this of me and Sierra right before we went inside.

2 thoughts on “Marvelous March

  • you are so gorgeous tiffany! i think you look so beautiful in this picture! love how yu do your eyes, sierra's look just like yours!

  • I agree you and sierra look so beautiful in that photo. I just realised your 26 with almost 4 kids! im turning 23 and still at school/home lol.

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