Mommy-Daughter Date & Comment Responses

First I just wanted to respond to some comments… I never do this enough and wanted to today!

Before specific comments I wanted to say thanks for all the comments about Payson hopefully getting better and stuff like that. He’s doing MUCH better and is back to his half cranky- half happy self!
Actually, come to think of it, he was happy ALL DAY today!! I was busy cleaning all day to notice just how nicely he was playing with the girls and not whining! Wow. I should write this day down in his baby book! Mostly kidding πŸ˜‰

Emily said: When I buy toys for my nephews I always get wooden toys, wooden puzzles or art supplies. The Land of Nod has a lot of great things!
Lucky nephew! I bet he loves gifts from his auntie πŸ™‚
I LOVE the Land of Nod, I can easily spend an hour browsing through the toys and drooling and bookmarking πŸ™‚

Crystal said: I am overly sentimental and so I have a tendency to hang on to things.
I’m usually overly sentimental but when it comes to possessions I have very little attachments. Probably because for the first 6 years of my married life we only bought crap because we were poor. I had no problem tossing all that junk. lol

Oceans5 said: All of our stuff is piled up in the back of the van for donation. One of these days I will actually make the trip. LOL.
My pile was in my bedroom. Really nice to walk in and see a huge pile of junk every day πŸ˜› You were a step ahead of me having things in the van!

Sadie said: That’s great! I need to do more of that but I’m without a doubt a pack rat. I think the word you’re looking for to describe the anti-packrat is minimalist.
Minimalist! Yes, that’s perfect, thank you!

Jade said: Though he cried all through Handwriting without Tears today πŸ˜›
Aww, I hope it was just a funky mood for the day.

April said: Gosh, I just sent a comment I think. When I hit the send button it glitched on me so I’m not sure if it went or not?
It didn’t go through πŸ™

Sarah asked: Ooohh, I love this idea! I just finished going through TONS of bins downstairs, mostly clothes. Toys are next, but I’m so leary to get rid of those because, well, I guess I don’t know! I’m curious, would you ever consider sharing some pictures/ideas of natural toys you have in mind? Man, this makes me want to go through everything! I can really appreciate the time you spent, after 2 days (on and off of course) I’m about ready to just start tossing so I don’t have to go through it!
I’d love to share pictures of the natural toys I’ve been drooling over. I just need to get some more time to sit down and do it!

Mindy asked: Brooklyn’s hair looks SO LONG in those pictures you posted below! Is it really growing out all of the sudden?!
It has been growing really fast! I was looking at pictures from last fall and couldn’t believe how much it’s grown even since then! I remember when her hair was first starting to get long and she was happy that she looked more like Mia. lol
Unrelated: We should do the penpal thing again! You know, because we’re both swamped with free time πŸ˜‰

Anonymous said: I’ve read your blog for a few months and actually wish you’d blog more of the not so great moments in your life. You tend to paint a too perfect picture of your family & life and we all know it’s just not a reality. But hey it’s your blog and you can do what you like I guess. More of your followers could probably relate more though if you did. Not knocking you at all, just sayin’

Hmm, I think I do a good job of portraying what my life is really like *shrug*

Oceans5: My kids had strep a few weeks ago. It is always so nerve racking when your kids temp goes into the high digits.
All of your kids had it? That’s the worst! Luckily each of mine have had it but all at different times this week, makes it a little easier to deal with one at a time.
Did your girls have to miss school at all?

My mom (Debbra): Funny that the above “Anonymous” comment was made since I feel that you DO post whatever is really going on! You have told us all repeatedly about your picky eater, fussy crying clinging kids at one time or another???? She is new to your blog I guess & hasn’t had the benefit of history with you.
I feel for you because I have been soo soo sick this past week too.

Thanks! I think this blog is pretty darn “wide open” about things. Not my family members’ personal struggles in life because that’s not my place to post such things for strangers to see πŸ™‚
My own struggles though, I share those here almost as often as they happen.

I read about how sick you are on your facebook and felt so bad for you! I really hope tomorrow it’s gone!

Tammy: I have seen a LOT of first grade handwriting (I used to be a classroom assistant.) and seriously, those look great! Who is telling you her handwriting is not appropriate for her age/skill? You are both doing a fantastic job.
Thank you for the comment especially since you’ve seen a lot of handwriting! Brooklyn does better as long as I’m sitting beside her.
I read her your comment and she got a huge grin because she really does try hard πŸ™‚

And now the Mommy-Daughter Date!
Today it was Brooklyn’s turn for a mommy-daughter date! We were going to go out to eat, go look at maternity clothes (not a fun part) and then go to the movies.

Buut, after eating at Barro’s Pizza (yum!) when we were pulling into the mall I bumped the curb and got a flat!! Darn it! It’s so freaking rare that I bump a curb and of course the one time in my LIFE I get a flat tire it’s on a mommy-daughter date πŸ™

Since we had to wait for Allan to pick us up and drive with us in our other car to the dealership for a new tire… we went into the mall to wait and as I was walking past Claire’s with Brooklyn I stopped suddenly and asked her, “Hey! Wanna get your ears pierced?!” She smiled and nodded and we went in!

These are her befores obviously. lol

She was SOOOO brave! She didn’t flinch and didn’t cry and didn’t pout and was so polite and mature. She was also beaming the rest of the night πŸ™‚

I showed her the rows of earrings she had to choose from and it took her all of two seconds to pick the Hello Kitty ones. lol

Such a cute girl. Mommy-daughter dates are the best.

11 thoughts on “Mommy-Daughter Date & Comment Responses

  • Too bad about the flat! I “curb-check” more often than I'd like to admit…

    My girls both got their ear's pierced back in November. They both cried.. but loved them 2 minutes after. Sadly the 4 yr. old's got infected and we had to take them out last month. I'm sure you'll be on top of it but I really STRESS that you clean them as recommended and turn them to keep her little ears safe. We did our best but I admit to nights I just forgot…

  • I cant wait to take my daughter to get her ears pierced!! Unfortunately she doesnt want them done, so I think I have got a bit of a wait, LOL!! As for the anon comment, I think your blog has a good balance of good & bad times. Take care of yourself & your lovely family. xxx

  • Cute earrings! My daughter would love those! She has a necklace just like them. I wonder if she would get her ears pierced just for those earrings, lol.

    I think you do a pretty darn good job of being real in your posts. I agree that anonymous must not be a regular reader of your blog.

  • Hey…are you in my head again? Because I just did a Q & A post on my blog and then I popped over here and saw you had done the same!! Is it possible that we have ESP across the country? haha

    I showed Peyton the pics of Brooklyn getting her ears pierced and she instantly started bawling and saying “I don't want to do that!” Lord, child…I never even suggested it. I was just showing you the pictures.

    She looks adorable and I love the Hello Kitties!

  • LOVE her earrings. My oldest was so excited when she got hers done too. πŸ™‚ In response to your question….yep they all had strep at the same time. To make matters worse we found out they had it the day after my father-in-law passed away last month. It made for a VERY rough week physically and emotionally. And they missed several days of school. One of them caught it and it spread like wildfire. NOT fun at ALL.

  • What a brave girl! Love the Hello Kitty earrings. My Ella has NO interest in getting her ears pierced. I guess I can wait. πŸ˜‰

  • okay you have me bawling! it is so cute to see little miss brooklyn getting her ears pierced. i love this rite of passage in a girl/womans life. she is getting so grown up all i can do it sit here and sob! i miss her (and all of you) so so much!

  • LOL – I just posted about those mazda tires being expensive and I see you've already replaced one! hee hee!

    keep us posted on how Brooklyn does getting her ears pierced. I've wondered how old is a good age to let them do that! btw – was Sierra jealous?

  • Awww, what a big girl!

    Chaylee tells me she wants her ears pierced all the time. She actually had them done when she was a baby but kept pulling them out, so I just left them out when I got tired of searching for her studs. Anyway, I got sidetracked…she asks to get them pierced all the time, but this is the girl who tries so hard to be brave but ends up kicking nurses in the stomach when they try to give shots and hyperventilates when she anticipates pain. So even as she's asking to get them pierced, she's following it up with, “but I don't know! I don't know! Ohhhh, It's too scary, too scary! but I want to! Ahhh, I don't think I can!” I think we're going to have to wait a few years.

    Brooklyn looks very sweet with hers done.

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