Where Oh Where Have I Been?


To put it mildly.

I had the worst weekend of my entire life. But it’s way too personal to blog about where just anyone can see.

But I’ll tell you about the grand finale of the miserable weekend. It started on Sunday. Sunday evening to be exact.

After several almost-sleepless nights of trauma, Sunday I was looking forward to getting some real nice zzzz’s to catch up for the long week ahead.
But Mr. Payson ended up waking up a bazillion times. He had a fever and was obviously not feeling well.

After a night of poor sleep for the two of us we had a day of hell Monday. Payson cried ALL day. ALLLLLLL day.

His fever was mellow during the day and I crossed my fingers and toes that he’d sleep well at night because I was ex-haus-ted.

But that was not to be. He woke up scorching hot.. the hottest any of my children have ever felt. I immediately gave him a dose of baby tylenol and went in search of my broken thermometer to see if I could get it to work.
I couldn’t find it so headed to the ER.

The ER was rocking Monday night. It was the hot spot of the city. Yay for walking laps around the waiting room with a SCREAMING child for 5 hours!!

His temperature was 104 and his heart rate was 174 when we got there so they gave him a dose of children’s motrin.

Ok, I just deleted the rest of this post because it was annoyingly long.

I’ll just sum up to say, Payson’s on antibiotics for a strain of strep and doing better now and last night I slept for 8 hours combined! (Had to get up to give medicine to Payson and then pee a few times. lol)

Hopefully the rest of this week is mellow!!

13 thoughts on “Where Oh Where Have I Been?

  • Oh wow. I've been wondering where you had been. That sounds like it really sucks and we didn't even hear all of the story! 🙁 I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time right now…and to be pregnant on top of all that…I know you must be beyond exhausted! I hope everyone starts feeling better soon and that you get caught up on your rest! Brooklyn's hair looks SO LONG in those pictures you posted below! Is it really growing out all of the sudden?! They are all so stinkin cute…even that “whiney little punk” Payson! lol 😉

  • Poor Payson. I'm sorry he's sick. It's the worst when they can't tell you what is wrong. I hope he gets better quickly and you all get the rest you need.

  • Just wanted to say I hope all is well for you and things are better! Not fun to have a bad week, a child who is feeling badly and feeling badly yourself 🙁 ((hugs))

  • Hope things get better for you! It's almost the weekend… maybe that's not a good thing in your case? No where to go but up :o)

  • I've read your blog for a few months and actually wish you'd blog more of the not so great moments in your life. You tend to paint a too perfect picture of your family & life and we all know it's just not a reality. But hey it's your blog and you can do what you like I guess. More of your followers could probably relate more though if you did. Not knocking you at all, just sayin'


  • My kids had strep a few weeks ago. It is always so nerve racking when your kids temp goes into the high digits. Glad to hear Payson is doing better and I hope the next few days are better for you. 🙂

  • Funny that the above “Anonymous” comment was made since I feel that you DO post whatever is really going on! You have told us all repeatedly about your picky eater, fussy crying clinging kids at one time or another???? She is new to your blog I guess & hasn't had the benefit of history with you.

    I feel for you because I have been soo soo sick this past week too. I have the grandkids next week and was thinking how hard it would have been with them here and feeling like I have been.

    At least the weekend is coming and you can have Allan help you out some then?!

    I love you so much!!

    You can sleep in here every day if you like! =) =) =)

  • That all sounds awful, I feel more tired reading it. I'm sorry you've been having such rotten nights and I hope everyone feels better soon.

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