Give it to Me Now! No I Don’t Want It!


His new favorite thing in the world to do is spend ALL day SCREAMING for something. Anything. A toy car, a bottle, some food, to be held… and then as soon as you give him what he wants he screams and pushes away as hard as he can. And then looks to you in anger and cries.

Today when I was making food he thought the 5 minutes it took was WAY too long and was PISSED off about it. When I started to put his plate on his tray he put both hands out and started pushing it away.. until he saw/smelled the food and immediately stopped to start shoveling food in his mouth.

3 thoughts on “Give it to Me Now! No I Don’t Want It!

  • Do you think maybe you had twins and didn't know it? Because Toby is the exact. same. way. It used to be worse, he only does it every once in a while now, but oh man. That phase drove me insane.

    My beast is definitely a whiner punk too. Dang kids.

  • Yeah…it must be the age…mine is 20 months and just started to do that. He's a little behind (okay a lot) on his speech, so he can't really express himself very well yet! 🙂

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