Bubble Bubble

All three of my kids love watching me blow bubbles with my gum. And all three of my kids like to try to pop the bubbles.

I love after the bubble pops and I get ready to blow another one… Payson is staring intently at my mouth and his little mouth is doing exactly what mine is. He sticks his tongue out and then he opens his mouth and when the bubble first starts being blown he flinches and then giggles when it gets bigger.

After doing that a few times yesterday he randomly leaned into my face and licked my mouth! I started laughing really hard as I wiped my lips because it was so unexpected.

And Payson, being so Payson, seeing that he got a laugh immediately leans forward, mouth wide open, tongue hanging out, to lick me again.

As a baby he was so solemn and it took so much to get a tiny giggle out of him and now just a year later he is a total goofball, life of the party, doing weird and random stuff to get the rest of us to crack up.

And now I must leave, the sun is shining and the weather is pure bliss, this is no time to stay indoors!

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