9 thoughts on “Tell Me How Do I Feel

  • Oh you poor thing! You have to take credit AT LEAST you do your makeup and look like you feel great! I mean really, I look horrible all the time. I wish I had half the energy to look as good as you! I am 34 weeks and I although I am “nesting” and have way too much energy for cleaning and organizing and crafting right now… I still can't get up the energy to get ready and do my makeup.

  • I feel so badly that you feel yuck, but I have to admit that you showed how you feel! I was just wondering how on earth you get through the day with 3 kids and all your day to day stuff. I'm really impressed, I HATE that first trimester and the throwing up got old…fast!

  • Hope things the end of 1st trimester comes quicker for you! I just noticed that you have two names picked out for the baby. Rainier and Ember. I love your choices! How do you come up with your names, is there a story or logic to each of your kids' names?

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