Food. I Really Hate Food.

But it’s required to live, unfortunately. So I’ve been making reeeeally easy meals for the kids.

Not that they notice the difference. Soup, boxed noodles, CapriSun?? Lunch doesn’t get better!

And once again reading the “What Your Child Needs to Know” books.

And yeah my table cloth very desperately needs to be ironed. I’ll get around to that… probably not actually.. maybe in the second trimester.

4 thoughts on “Food. I Really Hate Food.

  • Just noticed you got a new table….right?

    If nothing else could you get zofran from the the doc, I had to do ginger, anything herbal I could find,seven-up, peppermint and finally zonfran.

    It'll be worth it…. 🙁 Sorry you are so miserable.

  • They sure do look happy. I know this is probably obvious to anyone who has ever been pregnant but ICE COLD SPRITE drank with a straw very slowly helped me EVERY single time. Worked for my friends too.

  • Zofran, get the zofran. Those gold pills are little miracle pills, as much as I hated taking thme. How much left in your first trimester do you have?

    Just looking at that food and reading your words makes me remember that horrible feeling. Yuck. But I'll be swooning when that little one is born!

  • Sorry you're still feeling cruddy…I don't drink much soda but my first trimester the only thing I wanted to drink was Canada dry…carried one in my purse everywhere! lol

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