Arboretum Trip with Arjhana and Carly

I told my friend Arjhana (uh-ronna) about the arboretum here in Arizona and asked her if she wanted to come with me to take pictures sometime. She’s never been to an arboretum and after I told her a bit about it she was excited about it.

Side note- When we were in high school and she saw how into photography I was, she got really into photography too, so taking pictures was a huge reason she wanted to visit the arboretum.

She brought her little sister-in-law, Carly, with us. I really like Carly (she’s 12) and my daughters really, REALLY like Carly.

Arjhana was actually the one taking the pictures of them when I snuck to the side and snapped a few (which is why Sierra’s looking off.)

Sierra was in SUCH a good mood this day. She really loves going to the arboretum and having Arjhana and Carly there with us made it even better. She was loving the attention from me, Arjhana and Carly (as was Brooklyn) and how we all fussed and cooed over how cute she was.

She kept giving us the cutest little face. Like a totally non-conceited, I-feel-so-cute-today look.
I think it helped that she is totally in love with her new necklace we bought that day. Only $3.99 and she’s been wearing it ever since.

And Brooklyn. You all know Brooklyn and could guess that she was buzzing around like a… like a child hyped up on sugar and attention. lol
Brooklyn was much too excited to play with Carly and follow her around everywhere acting like a big girl than to stop and pose for pictures. Though she was perfectly happy to stop and smile once in a while for me, as long as I didn’t make her stay there too long.
(And I should add, she was really excited to sit on this tree. She is a total tree lover.)

Already back to Sierra. She was such a little poser (in a good way) today. Coming up with all her own poses and expressions and just being so sweet that every time we walked somewhere new I had to hold her hand and stop and squeeze her and play with her soft, funky curled hair.

I am undecided if I like the regular colored version of this image or the soft processed look so I’m just posting them both. ha

These next few are of Arjhana taking pictures.

Arjhana took a ton of pictures of me while we were there but I don’t have those pictures because they’re on her memory card. I do however have the ones I took of her. We both wanted some pictures of us with our cameras.

This hat she’s wearing is so her. She wears hats like that all the time. She has several different colors.

While I snapped the pictures of Arjhana (with Payson on my hip), Carly had climbed this big boulder. Arjhana wasn’t thrilled about that because a) we don’t think it’s allowed and b) even if it was allowed it was dangerous.

I don’t know if he was mad just because he was being held in place or specifically because he was being held in place by Arjhana. He doesn’t always have the warmest attitude towards Arjhana. lol (If mommy’s around Payson doesn’t like anyone female! lol)

This next image was taken just before my new header. I’m showing it just to explain why Payson was crying in the header picture. Can you see what he’s doing? Throwing his animal cracker (gluten-free) on the ground. He does that a lot when he’s moody. Even if he really wanted that food.. he throws it, and then screams.

The uncropped version of my header. I love this picture. The girls with their very own poses and Payson doing what Payson does most of the time.

Earlier in the day Sierra had crossed her feet in one of the pictures I took and when I showed her the image on the LCD screen I said, oh you crossed your feet, that was cute.
Well, from then on for each picture she crossed her feet! lol

Brooklyn was extremely intrigued with the building. There was stuff inside (lamp, bed, shelves, etc) and she was asking SO many questions about it. I think she was scared silly by the idea of someone living in there. I told her noone lived there but that someone used to live there. She seemed comforted about that but still wanted to look inside for a lot longer.

At this time it was after 5pm and the arboretum was closed. We decided to head on to a town called Superior to stop for a pre-dinner snack before driving all the way back home.

Yuuuuum!! I really love berries. And pineapple. And broccoli. Oh yum.

At one point near the end of eating Payson had eaten a piece of cantaloupe right off his plate (without his hands) and then had it sticking out of his mouth as he walked away. All of the rest of us starting cracking up.

He looked back and started giggling, too. Realizing he’d done something funny.
When he giggled the cantaloupe fell out of his mouth on the ground.

And just after this shot of him he picked it right back up and ate it! And then spit and spit and spit from the dirt. lol!

And that was the end of the arboretum trip! *whew*

10 thoughts on “Arboretum Trip with Arjhana and Carly

  • Is this the Boyce Thompson Arboretum? I always wondered what exactly is there. It would be fun to take a little day trip with my husband and my kids.

    Oh and by the way… when I opened your blog today I was wowed by the new header. I just LOVE it. It's so real life!

    Oh and one more thing… how have you been feeling?

  • Those are all fantastic shots. What a lovely arboretum. I absolutely ADORE your new header. You should blow it up to poster size. πŸ™‚

  • So many great pictures in this post! I thought the one of Payson screaming while standing between your friends legs was really funny.

  • LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the new header! Seriously love it! I love all the different expressions and that building is so cool!! When I opened the blog and saw the new header I gasped with excitement! ;)I really need a new header. Bad.

  • Your heading is fantastic, I agree it should be blown up or maybe on a canvas.
    So you take all your pictures on manual? I'm always worried Im going to miss a great shot due to having the camera on wrong settings.

  • I *love* the new header! Like one of the other comments, when I opened your page, I said Wow! that's great!

    The arboretum you go to is beautiful. We have one here that we go to, Planting Fields Arboretum – State Historic Park, in Oyster Bay, NY. My mother loved it there, and my kids loved going there, more than a regular park with swings, and slides.

  • I love all the pictures! Great shots! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I had lots of smiles while I read this. Love the new header also.

  • Love all the pictures of the kids here… their personalities really come through in the photos. What a cool header I just love it! Makes me want to experiemen a little today. Check out my blog before I change it again! πŸ™‚

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