Date with Sierra – Alice in Wonderland

In the theater and very excited.

Some of the cute things Sierra said/did during our date:

I showed her the trailer online (after reading a hundred reviews) and asked her, “So do you think this movie is too scary for you?”
She replied, “Well, mom, it does look a little scary but I think I will be very brave.”

Waiting in line for the concession stand you can watch trailers of movies on a big TV they have on the wall. I let Sierra watch the kids’ ones but anytime a grownup movie would come on I’d tell her to look toward the concession stand and she would. Without even trying to peek. Such a good girl.

While watching trailers in the theater the audience would laugh and Sierra, having no idea what was going on in the trailer, would laugh right along.

After the movie ended I asked Sierra what she thought about it. She answered, “it was real scary but real cool!”

She dropped one piece of popcorn on the floor during the trailers and picked it up and asked me, “is this dirty?” I said, “Yeah, don’t eat it.” She slowly starts bringing it to her mouth, “Did you say it was dirty?” I say, “Yes, it’s dirty. Don’t eat it. Leave it on the floor and after the movie we’ll throw it away.” She takes the piece and throws it on the floor.
After the movie I tell her to get the piece of popcorn. Instead she kicks it into the seats in front of us!

On the drive home she talked nonstop about the movie. Her favorite person in the movie was the mad hatter (mine too!) Her favorite part wasn’t what I expected it to be (can’t tell because it gives something away.) She giggled quite a bit when talking about the red queen’s big head.

Such a good night 🙂

Oh and we’ll for sure be buying Alice in Wonderland when it comes to DVD!

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