Cute boy!

He came into the room as I was blow drying my hair. I’d occasionally point the blow dryer at him and he’d crack up!

I can’t say it enough, I just adore those gapped teeth of his! And his canines, just so cute. Makes me want to scoop him up and squeeze him!

2 thoughts on “Cute boy!

  • Please oh please tell me how you make your storyboards!!!!! I finally was able to piece together some pictures in GIMP, but I couldn't get any text to work. I was told you could make some in Lightroom, and maybe its due to the fact that I am using the free beta version, but I can't get it to work. I tried using photoshop's free trial and couldn;t get it to work in there either!!! I'm either really bad at following tutorials or the free programs don't have the capabilities to do what I am wanting. any help would be great! You can see my very pathetic attempt here:

    Sad, I know. I've spent the past few weeks trying…and trying….and trying. Well at least as much trying as one can do with household duties, homeschooling and kids! 🙂

    You have a very cute boy indeed!


  • He is a cutie! The hair dryer bit makes me laugh, my son is scared of it. I say that I need to dry my hair and he goes running to my bathroom to open the drawer where I keep the dryer. I get it out, he slams the drawer closed and runs! He does not like to be around when I am making all that noise!

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