All About Spelling

Brooklyn breezed through the first 6 steps the first day we started this program. I’m not sure it’ll be challening enough for her this year. I might just do lots of the steps with her every day and order level 2 for her by June.

I did the first few steps with Sierra, as well, and she breezed through them, too. So, it’s a bit easy but the kids love it and feel like they’re playing games. I’ll do another post about it after we’ve used it for a few more months šŸ™‚

One thought on “All About Spelling

  • My kids breeze through spelling, too. The K12 program we use keeps the kids at the same level of Language arts as they do Phonics, so even though my kids breezed through Phonics(which was basically a review in spelling because they already knew how to read), they had to wait until we got through the Language Arts part to advance to the next level. Fortunately, they tested their levels, so they were able to start at an advanced level, but I think we'll start supplementing their spelling words. Maybe someday our spellers could be going to Washington D.C., lol.
    Eh, even though my Kindergarten student is awesome with Spelling, he doesn't like the subject. He likes his other subjects better.

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