Chalk Play

I did some much needed organizing of our school supplies this weekend. During this organization Brooklyn spotted our sidewalk chalk and asked so sweetly if we could, “Please go outside and color? Please?” and so we did.

After a slightly chilly weekend, the weather today was bliss. It was probably in the 70s.. a little too bright, but hey, I’m not going to complain!

We drew and wrote and colored with chalk for over an hour. The kids were coming up will all sorts of interesting pictures.

Payson colored a bit. Mostly random lines drawn here and there on the driveway.
He spent the vast majority of his time picking up all the chalk pieces and putting them in the box and then taking them all out and then putting them all back. He’d get upset when the girls would try to take one. He’d get upset if he couldn’t get the lid back on just right.

He’d occasionally stop and point to the roof and beg me, “cheep, cheep? cheep cheep?” Meaning, “I want to see the bird, pick me up right now or I’ll scream!”
I’d pick him up and we’d look at the bird on the roof (the bird sat there for almost the whole time we were coloring)

In the next two pictures you can see Sierra coming over to try to get just one chalk piece to color with.

We wrote names, ages, letters, numbers, shapes and many other pictures.. Brooklyn loved it when I drew a pink 6 for her.

Sierra worked the whole time on this huge world (as she called it) of colors.

Brooklyn filled in her 6 with a lighter pink.

Brooklyn had drawn a few planets and was adding details to each one. This particular one was a long, odd-shaped oval which she said was Earth. She added the state of Arizona (in pink.) As well as trees, clouds, and the sun, all appropriately (to her 6 year old mind) located on top of the Earth. And look at her mouth, she always does that when coloring. So cute!

It was fun.

7 thoughts on “Chalk Play

  • Oh and BTW I love them coloring in fairy wings. That's so something my 4 year old daughter would do! She wear her wings whenever she gets a chance!

  • I LOVE doing this with my kids. We haven't done it since last summer. Now it makes me wanna go out and buy them some new chalk so we could have fun too!

  • Such a Beauitful day!!!! I am dieing to see 70 here again….this winter has felt as though it will last forever. We love sidewalk chalk and have it on our spring to-do list…Oh, I can not wait!

  • Drawing on the driveway with chalk is my FAVORITE thing to do. I can't wait till our weather is pretty enough to do that again. I just got that letters shirt for one of my girls recently too. Fun pics. 🙂

  • this post nearly made my cry out of yearning for warmer weather. I'd give anything to be able to go outside in t-shirts and play in the sun! 🙁 wah! but the pics (and the kids) are adorable, of course. 😉

  • we have someone who likes to wear butterfly wings to play in too 🙂 sweet children and pics. Blessings to you!

    a. ann

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