Because I’m So Brave!!

We went to the mall today to look for some maternity clothes.
Found absolutely nothing I liked.

Sierra has been asking if she could get her ears pierced ever since Brooklyn got hers done. I told her of course she could have her ears pierced but she had to wait until we went to the mall again.

On the way in she was practically skipping. She was smiling ear to ear and kept telling me, “I’m brave enough! I got shots and didn’t cry! I’m not scared at all!”
And sure enough…

She was brave and wasn’t scared at all.
During the actual piercing part she mouthed, “ow” with her face scrunched up. I rubbed her hand and tried to keep from smiling because it was such a cute thing for her to do.

As soon as the piercing part was over she jumped out of the chair and has spent the rest of the day beaming, just like Brooklyn did.
And now they call themselves “twinners.” Cute, cute.

I Think About You All the Time

You know if there weren’t meals to cook, lessons to teach, bums to wipe, places to go, phone calls to make…

I’d be spending all my time with you.

You are always there for me. You give me exactly what I need. You are the safest, softest place to fall.

Our time together is so very limited.

So many things want to pull me away from you.

No one seems to get that you are so very healthy for me.

I long to curl up under your blankets and press my face into your pillows. I long for that firm but oh so soft support from your mattress.

Oh dear bed, how I wish we could meet more often!

Am I Really 27?

I don’t understand where the last 7 years went!

I attempted some 13 week belly shots. They didn’t turn out well.
I did get this cute picture of Payson just after laughing at me, though.

And then since he was being cute and smiley I snapped some more.

He was in a super silly mood.

For ten minutes he was all sweetness.

But after this last picture… things went ugly. He’s been crying and whining ever since.
Remember I said he was so good for like 5 days? I should’ve knocked on every wood surface in our home because the very next day he was HORRIBLE. And has been ever since!!

I really hope he gets over whatever ill he’s fighting and starts to be mellow.
Not that he ever was a mellow child but I can dream, right?

Avocado Chocolate Mousse

4 Ripe Avocados
1 Cup Sweetener (I used Agave Nectar)
1 T. Vanilla
1 Cup Cocoa Powder
I put everything in my blender and mixed it for a minute or so.
I got this recipe from this blog after a quick google search.
I made 1/4 of what the recipe called for since it was only for Payson.

The verdict? Allan, Brooklyn and I disliked it. Sierra and Payson really loved it.

I think that if Brooklyn hadn’t known there was avocado in this recipe she would have liked it.

Month of Ill

I think we’ve caught most everything under the sun this month. And so I deemed it the [ourlastname] family Month of Ill!

The other day Brooklyn, after playing happily and feeling fine all day, suddenly started crying about her ear hurting. It was so sudden and so extreme I was pretty surprised.
Random fact- not one of my kids has EVER had an ear infection. Crazy, huh?

So we called her doctor and at 3pm they had absolutely no sick appointments left so we instead made our merry way over to the urgent care center. Twice in one week… story of my life, right?
The doctor there said it might be an ear infection or it could be ear pain from an upper respiratory tract infection he thought she has and gave her some meds.

She felt better within 5 hours of taking her first dose of stuff (antibiotics and motrin).. and has been doing well ever since. (She also takes a small dose of steriods in the morning.)
I’m enjoying(not) another 10 days of getting up in the middle of the night to dispense the very-desired pink stuff.
Both she and Payson wake up from a deep sleep and immediately open their mouths now, expecting the dose. It totally cracks me up.
I’m actually feeling extremely grateful that despite being sick they’re all in good moods. No night wakings besides the medicine times.

The Day to Day in Between the Sick

I have been taking pictures occasionally. I still bring my camera every single place we go. And I feel very happy when I remember to take it out and snap pictures. Carrying around that huge weight for nothing makes me feel stupid. ha

The other day I was getting sick of being in the house so decided to take breakfast to the park for a picnic.

It was pretty darn bright!

Breakfast was one of our almost-daily, when-mommy-is-not-pregnant, breakfasts. Boiled egg, homemade bread, kiwi, strawberry, oranges, cheese squares, chocolate milk. Though admittedly the chocolate milk is NOT an almost-daily thing, we typically have regular milk.
We do picnics fairly often in our family but for some reason on this day the kids were acting SO thankful about it. All three of them kept hugging me and smiling at me the whole time. It was a really cute, unexpected surprise!

We got home and I unloaded all the picnic stuff while the kids ran off to play. It was funny how Brooklyn stripped off her pants two seconds after coming inside from the car.
I found them playing like that (above) and had to grab my camera. The way Payson was laying was just the cutest thing.

Then they heard the garbage truck or mail truck or some other large truck…

We did some school stuff. I didn’t take any pictures. Then I put Payson to bed (after a bottle) and got the girls a snack.

Pretzels, graham crackers, dried cranberries, peanuts and cashews, and vanilla pudding. (Normally that would be yogurt but we were out.)
We finally got around to starting our Sonlight Science K program. I’ve been too sick to bother even opening up the instructor’s guide (and for a while I was debating selling it) but I’m glad I did because the girls loved it. We read about flowers and seeds and growing plants and then set up a kidney bean experiment.

After that I had the girls draw a picture of their bean setup in their journals and then was telling them we were going to look at the beans and write about what we saw.
While I was helping Brooklyn spell a word Sierra starting writing in her journal all by herself! For the first time SHE was sounding out the words! I was blown away.

I love it so much.
Brown opening bean.

Hot was referring to the water. Which is SOOOO a Sierra thing to write because the water was barely room temperature but she calls anything besides cold HOT! lol
Oh and the ONLY parts I helped her sound out are the “ow” in brown and the “e” and “ing” in opening.

Brooklyn’s personal handwriting these days. (Personal meaning outside of handwriting lessons.)
Brown bean that’s opening.

We did a bit more school and then when Payson woke up we had lunch.

It was another “weird” one, the girls had salad, popcorn and baked beans. Payson had the salad and beans but no popcorn (I’m still worried he’ll choke!)

We started to read The Boxcar Children (again). The girls LOVE that book.
And I guess those are all the pictures I took!

Payson Got a Rash

In continuation of our Month of Ill Payson developed a rash. It isn’t bothering him in the slightest so for now a doctor’s visit isn’t in the plans.

And I never shy away from sharing just how cranky of a child Payson is so I HAVE to tell you guys that for 5 days STRAIGHT he’s been a complete ANGEL! Never in his entire life has he been as pleasant as he has been the last 5 days. It’s amazing! The only real change in his diet is an addition of probiotics. We’re thinking of keeping him on them permanently since they always seem to help so much.