Boyce Thompson Arboretum

I’ve heard about the arboretum here in Arizona from my father-in-law quite a bit. He knows how much I loved the arboretum in Texas.

So, I randomly decided one morning that I’d go check it out. The girls were running around the house dressed like fairies and it reminded me of Texas so… off we went!

When we were driving there I told the girls to look out for mile marker 223 since our turn was right after that. They started shouting out each number as we passed… “210! 211!….218! 219! 220! 221!”
Payson was watching the girls with a smile on his face. Then he started shouting with them, “tee, tee, tee! tee tee tee!”
Close enough, Payson, close enough.

The girls were pretty much skipping as we entered the arboretum. They were so excited.
There is a special children’s area there and that made them even more excited.

Payson loved pushing the stroller around the place. He was actually really, really good about staying with us and walking where we walked. I’ve been letting him walk most places (even the store) and he’s doing so well šŸ™‚

I’m pretty sure every person passing us commented on the girls’ outfits. Most called them butterflies.

I LOVE skirts with shorts sewn in. ALL little girl skirts should have that!

I walked quickly through the cactus garden and then waited outside for the girls. It was heated in there! Bleh.

A snap of the three kids together. Can you believe in October there will be 4?!

I desaturated the photo above, the true colors are like in the photo below. It was bright and very orangey-green.

Brooklyn said climbing these boulders was her favorite part.

Sierra striking a pose? My goodness, she’s usually anti-camera!

The next few pictures are my favorite. The light in this little area was so gorgeous.

Her very own pose. I have NO IDEA where she gets these poses from! I have about 15 pictures of her on this rock striking all kinds of poses!

Payson thought it was a lot of fun to shake this tree because it made a loud noise. He was giggling and his cute little gapped teeth were all showing. SO CUTE.

And then there’s this gorgeous little girl of mine.

Those trees. Those mountains. *sigh* Just gorgeous.

I know one day I’ll appreciate utilizing my camera’s timer and jumping in some pictures.

Even though I look really goth compared to the bright little girls next to me. lol
It’s not my fault I outgrew all my clothes except two shirts which are both dark!!

Brooklyn is growing up so much lately. It blows me away.

I was setting my camera up on some rocks to take a picture with the timer and Sierra gave me this adorable smile..

And before heading home, one last group picture.

11 thoughts on “Boyce Thompson Arboretum

  • This looks like so much fun!! They look adorable! Levi has the shirt Payson is wearing! šŸ˜‰ Maggie would FLIP OUT if I let her dress up like a fairy and took pictures of her! I should really make a point to do that! She loves fairies! I LOVE all those beautifully lit pictures and the girls look so gorgeous in that light! šŸ™‚ When it got to the shot of the 3 of them and you said “can you believe in Oct there will be 4?!?!” I got all giddy and excited and I can't wait to see the new little member of your family!! That's a great shot of the 3 of them together! šŸ™‚

  • Wow – that really looks like a ton of fun! I was randomly looking through our GPS today and you've motivated me to pick out some fun stuff to do!

    How do you edit your pictures? I was scrolling through wondering just as you showed one of them! Do they usually look that great sooc or do you edit a bunch? Sometimes I'm right on and then the next I'm left scratching my head. One more question…do you use a gray card at all?

    And four seems so perfect for you (not that I know you!) for some reason!

  • ALL skirts should have shorts sewn in! Then maybe I would actually wear skirts besides on Sundays šŸ™‚

    That place looks like a blast.

    Oh and just fyi, you inspired me to figure out the self-timer on my camera so I started doing family pictures every week (I think I got that idea from you too actually). Except I forgot until February 14th, so that is our week one. And then last week I forgot. But at least I got week 1 done, right?

  • Ariana,
    Such a beautiful place you found. And the pictures are beautiful!!!!!!
    I also often wonder about your basic post processing? Please if you should ever have some free time I would love for you to share with us.

    The lighting in AZ is amazing!

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