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And to answer this:
Did you stuggle at all with either of your girls when it came time for lowercase letters? We are having a hard time writing those – the uppercase are easy as can be, it’s those lowercase that are really throwing her. Any suggestions at all – or will it just come in it’s own time?

Handwriting is the only part of homeschooling that has been a struggle. Teaching it is relatively easy. Getting Brooklyn to do the work is hard! I’ve actually finally started telling her she can’t have afternoon snack or lunch until her handwriting worksheet is done. This works VERY well and she finishes it in 5 minutes now! That worksheet is letter formation instruction. She also does another page of writing but it’s to review what she just learned and she does that after snacktime.

She also writes a LOT when she does her other worksheets, a few sentences of copywork (usually a poem she’s memorizing) and every day in her journal. I don’t make her properly write letters in her personal journal. She can write however she wants, spell however she wants… I just like her writing without having to worry about that sort of thing since she gets plenty of other assignments for proper handwriting/grammar.

Whew… handwriting. I NEVER thought handwriting would be the biggest struggle with homeschooling. I was really good at handwriting early on so it never occured to me that children actually struggle with it. Dare I admit I actually thought kids with poor handwriting were just lazy and not practicing!
Now I know better.

And now after having a child that struggles so much with handwriting I STRONGLY recommend the Handwriting Without Tears program. It is worth every single penny to me. I just put another $50 worth of stuff in my online shopping cart to continue with Brooklyn and start Sierra!

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  • I've followed your blog for awhile now, but never left a comment. While I don't home school, I am going to agree with your recommendation for Handwriting Without Tears. My son's preschool used this, and I couldn't believe how well he learned handwriting. I'd worked with him on reading, but not writing. I'm glad they did. And it really did work for him!

  • Thanks Ariana. I'll have to check into that book. For the most part it's the lowercase that really gets her. She's only in preschool but I want to set a good foundation for her and I don't want incorrect ways to turn into habits going forward. Thanks so much for answering that – and the tip about motivation. šŸ™‚

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