Day Out

Even though what I’d like most in the world is to lay on the couch feeling sorry for myself all day I’ve been taking the kids to the park every day because the weather here is so perfect.

We bring picnic breakfasts or lunches sometimes.
This day was breakfast. Kind of an odd one, too. Bagels for the girls and me, sandwich for Payson (with tapioca bread), carrots, and bananas.

On the walk to the park Payson had pulled my hair, that’s why my bobby pins are jacked up.

After the park we went out for ice cream. I stopped at Panda Express first to get Payson some food so he wouldn’t feel left out.

Sorry I don’t have much else to say. I feel pretty darn bad these days.

2 thoughts on “Day Out

  • You may feel bad but you look great! I feel so tired all the time and look like it! The weather has been great but since I am always hot now (pregnancy does that to me) I've had to turn the a/c on in my car the past few days as I run my errands. I can't believe that already!

  • You look great – never would know you feel so icky! Augh, that sickness stuff is HORRID. I threw up 5 times a day I think, and just wanted to be put out until the baby was born. How far along are you – I can't remember!

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