Since I feel very blah I’m going to make a goal to post one picture a day. Taking, resizing and posting one photo isn’t a big commitment at all. I’ll blog more often if I have such a simple task.
I’m sure sometime at the end of March or beginning of April I’ll be back to my regular long, rambling, heavy-photo posts.

The first photo of the day is this one I snapped last night. Allan bought steak for us for Valentine’s… but obviously we didn’t eat it on Valentine’s Day, we ate it last night 🙂
And yes, we need to finish painting that hallway. But who knows when that’ll actually happen!

7 thoughts on “Steak

  • Hey I happen to like the random handprint 😉

    We had veal for Valentine's. We had never had it before and felt adventurous and apparently extravagant freaking $15/lb! It tasted like pork. And then I felt bad because I ate a baby cow. DO NOT EAT VEAL. Just sayin'.

  • I hope you get to feeling better soon!

    Tim and I took the day off our diet Sunday and we had balsamic glazed top sirloin steaks withc crumbled gorgonzola on top, and spinach salad and homemade parmesan rolls and chocolate molten cake…oh man, it was good. And I'm really not a huge meat eater, but after this diet I've been doing, it was like heaven. Now my mouth is watering thinking about it…it's a long week till Sunday when I can take the day off again!

    I like the handprint too. 🙂

  • Great picture! What a wonderful dinner alone! 🙂 Steak sounds yummy! When I was pregnant with Mia I wanted steak ALL THE TIME! I didn't want to share it either! lol I noticed the hand print on the wall! 😉 I always love all the paint colors you choose!

  • PS….I just noticed the new pics and info on the side bar and saw the baby names! 😉 So cool! Love them both! They are both so unique! I can't wait to find out what you are having!!! 🙂

  • Super Sweet!! We don't celebrate Valentine's Day (my hubby says he loves me with all he has everyday), but we did steaks on Monday too!!

    Love the one pic a day idea… Sounds like the PERFECT idea!!

    The baby names are so unique… I adore unique names!!

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