Costco, Horses, Allergist, Gluten-Free Store, Filiberto’s, and WalMart

in 11 hours.

Payson had an appointment with an allergist yesterday afternoon.
My friend, Arjhana (the “jh” is silent; uh-ronna) told me about a gluten-free store in the same area of town so we decided to get together and run a few errands and then she’d go to the allergist with me and my kids.

The first stop was Costco for rice milk and to pick up pictures. I also got lunch there for my kids. The girls got pizza and ice cream, Payson got a hot dog without the bun and a berry smoothie. I didn’t take pictures because I’ve taken a hundred pictures in Costco πŸ˜‰

After Costco we went to where Arjhana keeps her horse, Riley.
Arjhana’s been “into” horses since she was very little. She got her first horse at 14 and has had one (or two) ever since. I met her when we were both 15 and rode horses with her quite a bit all through high school.

The girls were excited to see the horses. Payson was scared and cried every time I set him down. Near the end he finally got brave enough to walk around on his own.

Arjhana and Riley πŸ™‚

Arjhana thought it would be fun to give the girls a little ride. The girls were excited. Sierra’s been in love with horses since she was a toddler. They’re her favorite animal.
And Brooklyn, Brooklyn is head over heels in love with all animals. She asks for a pet almost daily. She was thrilled to be able to ride a horse!

Sierra’s turn.

And we even let Payson sit up there for a few seconds!

He thought it was fun for a couple seconds. After that he cried to get down. lol

It’s been 7 years since I rode a horse! It brought back a ton of memories getting in the saddle again.

And of course a snap of Arjhana… I don’t even think I could adequately portray her obsession with horses using words.

After visiting the horses we had to get to Payson’s doctor appointment.

The wait was LONG.

And the appointment itself was a HUGEHUGEHUGE waste of time. I suspected that before hand but my gosh I wish I’d saved the gas money, hours of time, and $15 copay and never went!

I am so sick of doctors and talking allergies. If you suspect your kid has food allergies just do the elimination diet. If they have a reaction you know they have an allergy… FREE and EASY! It’ll save you hundreds of dollars and HOURSHOURSHOURS of time!!!!

After the hellish doctor appointment (did I mentioned the wait time was close to 2 hours????????) we went to this gluten-free store. It was a really crappy store for me, all it really had was shelves and shelves of premade mixes and I like to make things from scratch (saves so much money!)

I did buy some coconut milk since I was out.

Arjhana is doing a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free diet for her lyme’s disease so she was looking around a lot more than me (she doesn’t like cooking from scratch so all those premade mixes were awesome for her), my kids were getting ansy to get out of the store so we went for a walk.

Arjhana came out fairly shortly and joined us for a group shot.

By this time all of us were hungry again so we stopped at Filiberto’s (LOVE) and had dinner. It was delicious! Mmmm.

Payson was having a taco and started choking on a piece of tortilla. I leaned him down and pounded his back and he coughed up a chunk (not even very big, no wonder I never give my kids tortilla chips!). He was pretty hysterical from having been scared (poor thing) so I just held him for a while. He was covered in food (of course) and after our cuddle fest I was too! It was even in my hair. Refried beans in my hair. Lovely.

He calmed down and started reaching for food right away (hungry bugger) so I gave him a bite of refried beans (which he LOVES) and he started screaming and pulling the food out of his mouth. Weird! The beans were room temperature so I have no idea what that was all about. He had some chicken right after that and was just fine and then a minute later he ate the refried beans right up. So weird.

I gave him a sip of water and he was really happy about that. He chugged it down, spilling the entire cup on both of us in the process.
It was ice water. It COVERED us. I was actually shivering. And I looked like I had peed my pants. And I was still covered in his taco and beans.
So lovely.
I stripped him down and rolled his clothes up. I wiped him down and Arjhana watched him while I took my girls to go potty.

The restaurant Filiberto’s is not somewhere you need to tip but I left a big tip because I felt awful about Payson’s mess. I like to leave the table clean. I was a waitress as a teenager and really cleaning up messes is a part of the job but it still sucks! lol

After that exciting experience eating dinner we ran into WalMart because Arjhana needed some makeup for a girls’ night she’s throwing tonight. I bought some clothes for me and Payson (pjs) and changed in the bathroom, left the store, drove Arjhana home, and then drove to my house, got my kids in bed, and plopped down on the couch and watched Law & Order!

6 thoughts on “Costco, Horses, Allergist, Gluten-Free Store, Filiberto’s, and WalMart

  • Wow you were busy and on the go. Love all the pics. My mother-in-law owns horses and my girls are always SO excited when they get to go with her to the farm where she boards them.

    You guys had a super busy day. I bet you had a lot of fun though. Did you watch the original Law and Order? My favorite is Law and Order SVU. πŸ™‚ My hubby and I have been watching all the seasons on netflix every night.

  • poor Payson! I have had to do those allergy tests a few times on my back like that… I used to get allery shots every week, so I know how he must feel! With me though, process of emlimination was dangerous because my reactions got more severe eveytime I had one. Back in 2002 I actually went into aniphylactic shock and almost died, so most of the time doctors don't mess with food allergies!

  • I'm sure it seemed like a crazy day but from the looks of the pictures and the smiles on your face it seems like it was a great day. What could be more fun than running around with a good friend, eating out, and riding horses. The Dr. visit doesn't sound like it was fun but hopefully something will come from it. I love all the pictures. The girls (and you) look so happy on the horse.

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