Journey into the Pregnancy Doldrums

Three pregnancies under my belt and I still haven’t learned my lesson.
Pregnancy is just not fun.

I’m excited for baby #4. Anxious and impatient to meet him/her, really. But pregnancy… just not a happy thing for me.

I feel terrible.
I complain.
I lounge, uncomfortably.
I dizzily do my housework.
I tiredly help the girls with school work.
I moodily take care of my alwaysonthego toddler.

Everything that once interested me, doesn’t.

Food is now my mortal enemy. Preparing it. Seeing it. Smelling it. Not pleasant experiences.

My mind is a flowing, changing, unreliable thing.
My body is a mushy, sore, foreign object.
My pictures are taken without thought and skill.
My family is treated like a burden.
Sorry, family.

My blog will be at risk of having long periods of inactivity.

———This Week———-
Drying toothbrushes on the go.

Dentist Visit

Every morning.




Scones and peanut butter cookies.

Playing with Friends

Dancing at Jack in the Box.

New makeup

Mommy and daughters.

Stop on a family walk.

Talking to his brother.

Valentine’s baking.

Heart-shaped crayons.

Valentine’s preparation.

Sierra stopped sucking her thumb on Jan. 2nd. The dentist found out and gave her free movie tickets.

We went today (Saturday) and saw Alvin and the Chipmunks 2.

They shared a combo since we’d just gone out for pizza.

Dancing in the theatre.

Last ones to leave, goofing around.

15 thoughts on “Journey into the Pregnancy Doldrums

  • I'm sorry pregnancy is not a fun time for you. I am expecting about the same time as you and find that I am so much more sluggish this time around. I want my energy back. You do a great job of taking care of your kids, though. You can tell from your photos that they are happy and love each other. Keep it up!

  • I'm with you on the loathing pregnancy. I love my babies, and I love having babies, but I detest pregnancy. And this one has been the easiest of them all and it still majorly sucks. I am so ready to be done! Hopefully you will get to have a good 2nd trimester!

  • I felt the same way! But thank goodness no morning sickness at all with this 4th one for me. I did however always feel very tired, sleepy, moody… I feel you on the food thing. Chicken was the worst. I does get better. I am 30 weeks and my only complaint besides excessive peeing is my back aching… but then again I am HUGE.

  • Having quite recently been in the depths of the first trimester pregnancy doldrums (fortunately now in my second trimester and I am feeling SO SO SO much better), I am AMAZED at all you have done this week. I did as little as possible for those couple months. Hang in there!

  • I am so sorry you don't like pregnancy! I never liked it either and honestly can't imagine doing it again. You are doing great though, look at all you have done this week! We took our kids to see that movie too, it was cute. And I always love your make-up posts, so much fun!

    I envy your family walk pictures where your husband is wearing shorts…SHORTS!!! in Feb! We just got 8 inches of snow yesterday, yuck! Where are your girls sharing their valentines bags? The <3 crayons are A-DOR-ABLE!

    Sorry I don't comment much anymore….I have you on my google reader now and guess I don't always think to click over an comment, oops! Still love your blog tho. 🙂

  • You still take some fun photos! Really love the heart shaped crayons. Never thought about that. We did the crayon melting experiment when we learned about the different states of matter.

  • I think pregnancy gets worse with each one. But I think your pictures haven't suffered. 🙂 I love the ones of the kids watching the oven.

    At the risk of being creepy, I must look at your blog too much because you and your girls ended up in my dreams the other night. My daughters were excited to play with your girls for a play date. I just thought that was so weird when I woke up. Again, I'm not trying to be creepy!

  • I'm so sorry you feel rotten! Honestly, I hated being pregnant. Horrible sick, throwing up 5 times a day, I feel like I missed months of out my child's life!
    Hope you feel better very soon, hang in there!

  • It's so funny how we forget about all of the yucky stuff. As soon as that baby is handed to you, the nausea, lack of energy, discofort, PAIN, cravings, mood swings, etc. just go right out the window. Remember that it's worth it. You'll feel like yourself again soon and you'll have another sweet baby to show for it. :c) Keep your head up!

  • Sorry to hear about the pregnancy blues. Coming from someone who only did it once, I really do have sympathy for ya!! Hopefully it will get better soon.

    Love the makeup too. You should check out TiffanyD on Youtube. She has a makeup channel.

    Have a good week ahead.

  • I am one of those people who would love 10 kids but HATES being pregnant.

    I wish they could just be dropped off at my doorstep.

    Bless your heart.

    It is worth it though!

    I know you said you wanted a girl but I think it would be so neat if Payson had a buddy close in age like the girls have…soooo stinking cute!

  • With my youngest only being 6 months I'm barely out of that pregnancy stage! Hang in there the first few months are always rough.

    And could you please share your recipe for the scones, I've been looking for a good one forever! 🙂

  • Sorry you feel yucky…I hated being pregnant the first few months, but when it was all over I secretly thought “I'm going to miss this”.

    Too cute about the movie tickets, Way to Go Sierra!

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