Lots of Crying Today

And surprisingly it wasn’t because of all the vaccinations my two youngest kids received.

My kids were hyper at the doctor’s office today.

To let them run off some of that energy we stopped right outside the doctor’s office at this playground.

The kids had a good time playing on the bars.

And going down the slide.

But then as I was helping Sierra cross the bars, Payson, off to my side, tripped as he was running along the sidewalk. He fell down and started crying.

Not odd, he trips and falls almost daily. The crazy child.

I scooped him up and cuddled him and talked to him all lovey mushy and checked his hands for scrapes.
He was really screaming and there wasn’t a hint of a scrape on either hand.
I grabbed a baggy of oatmeal cookies out of my diaper bag thinking he was extra hungry and tired and maybe the fall just made him moody.
As I offered him a bite I noticed a huge lump on his head.

Oh my heavens! That’s extreme!
Start: mommy panic mode.

I’m so relieved that I was already at the doctor’s office when this happened. I was able to go straight back in (pay another $15 copay) and see a doctor.
Talking to the doctor really put my mind at ease. I know what to watch for and what to expect. Talking to a doctor is so much better than googling things! lol

Payson cried the entire 30 minute drive home.
I could hardly blame him, his head must have been pounding.
And when we arrived home, mine was too!

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