Videos from this Month

I have been busy on the phone most of the day, finding an OBGYN and a new dentist and scheduling an appointment for Payson with an allergist and for Sierra for her physical therapy and both Payson and Sierra’s well child checks.
Whew, I’m tired just typing that… can you imagine all the phone calls? Blech!

So anyway, while I was on hold for a long time between speaking to doctors I uploaded some videos from this month.

I taught Brooklyn to finger knit two weeks ago.

One of the girls’ most favorite thing to do ever is to dance. Especially to Backyardigans music.

Then Brooklyn insisted she and Sierra get a turn to be videotaped all alone.

Sierra’s turn.

And whenever I videotape Allan he makes me promise I won’t put it on my blog, but they were being so goofy that I couldn’t resist this one:

2 thoughts on “Videos from this Month

  • I agree with the previous posteer – can't wait to see the next one! Do you think you'll find out what you are having? 🙂

    I hardly every watch video's but for some reason I did this time. That one of B is SO cute – crazy cute! I've started to notice more and more that kiddos who are homeschooled seem so much more innocent and…what's the word…sincere and something. Like they are just free to be themselves if that makes sense. Makes me thinkg! Anyway – thanks for sharing – loved it!

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