It Rained Today

Last night was a girl’s night out dinner with the women from my church. We went to Red Robin. I haven’t really gotten to know any of the women from my church so it was nice to be able to sit and chat,
My best friend from highschool is in my ward now. Arjhana (pronounced uh-ron-uh) and I have been friends for 11 years!
She wanted to go see a movie after the dinner and even though I was exhausted I agreed to go.
We got there and met up with a friend of hers. Arjhana wanted to see “The Lovely Bones” and even though I really didn’t want to see it I agreed. There wasn’t really anything else playing I wanted to see anyway.
I HATED that movie. It was the worst movie I’ve seen in a long time! I actually disliked every single second of it. It was sad, creepy, haunting, and just plain depressing.

Anyway. Before the movie the girls from my church wanted Krispy Kreme. I haven’t been to Krispy Kreme in years. I wasn’t going to get any doughnuts because I felt really sick from just sharing a meal with Arjhana at dinner but I did anyway. ha!
I didn’t eat any, I just got them for the kids and Allan.
So this morning I gave the kids a boiled egg and then brought out the doughnuts. They were surprised and grinned.

Thursdays there is a storytime at the library. I rarely make it over there just because mornings are usually so busy but today we did! The kids had a lot of fun listening to the stories and then playing with kids for an hour.

Brooklyn put on a puppet show for Sierra. It was funny.

It rained all day today. I so very much love the rain!!
And I don’t know what it is about rain but it makes you want to cuddle up on the couch together under a blanket and talk or watch movies.
So I stopped at Walgreen’s on the way home and picked up a couple movies!
While I was in the line to check out I saw these little bags of chips and thought they’d be yummy with lunch and so I bought them. lol

After lunch we watched a movie together (Monsters and Aliens or something) and now I’m about to start dinner.

A Little Bit About Payson

You’ll notice in these pictures that Payson’s room is unfinished. I’ve been too lazy to finish it. I hate painting!

I thought I’d do a little update on Payson and how his allergies are going.
I mentioned we’d given him dairy and things seemed to be ok. I spoke way too soon. lol
He had a really bad case of diarrhea later that afternoon! And he was SO cranky and grabbing his stomach. It was the worst reaction he’s had as far as crankiness and diarrhea go.

He’s off dairy and wheat now and doing great. No tummy troubles at all.

Besides that he’s actually been really happy lately. He acts silly all the time now. He loves to make us laugh and loves to play with his sisters.

He almost always has one shoe on his foot. He’s obsessed with shoes. Which is hilarious because neither of my girls were (besides Brooklyn’s love of eating shoes as a toddler.)

I’ve not kept up with formal monthly portraits for Payson but he’s 19 months old now. Can you believe that? I can’t!

Life is Simple, Life is Good

We had so much going on last year. I felt like I was out of the house way too much for doctor appointments and errands.
This year Allan’s been doing a lot (the vast majority) of the grocery shopping. Doctor appointments are less often because of the answers we got for Payson during his endoscopy.

So life has slowed down a lot. The kids and I stay home a lot more and everything feels more peaceful.

Today during breakfast I read to the girls from this book called “My Father’s Dragon.” They really loved it and so did I. We read half the book! The book is one I got from Sonlight last year.

Breakfast was oatmeal (certified gluten free for Payson) with blueberries and agave nectar, and some fruit. Yum!!

All three kids were a sticky mess after eating so they got a bath.

After their bath we headed into the front room to do some school work. While I was printing Sierra’s reading lesson off the girls played (and it was cute because they were acting out scenes from “My Father’s Dragon” with their toys.)

We do all of our reading on the futon in the front room.

Payson made a mess in the corner.

Payson got a late nap today and ended up only sleeping for a half hour or so.

During the half hour he slept the girls worked on handwriting while I folded laundry.

In between teaching the girls their lessons I’d text. My friend Arjhana (pronounced uh-ron-uh) texts me a lot during the day. I don’t answer most of them (because I’m with the kids.)

The last pictures I took before I got tired of dragging my camera around was of snacktime.
Toast with jelly and pretzels for the girls, gluten-free cheerios for Payson. Pear and cashews for all of them. Cashews are a huge favorite for my kids.

Day in the Life {of my kids}

I felt like doing a day in the life but didn’t feel like taking the time to set up the timer so today’s post is a day in the life of my kids!

Allan stayed home for the first part of the morning since we had our warranty service rep come over for our 12-month warranty checkup.

While the warranty service rep and Allan went over the things that needed fixing I did dishes and made breakfast.
Eggs, toast with nutella, and fruit.

Allan left for work around 9 (he usually leaves at 7) and the kids and I headed straight for the front room to do some school work.

Within a half hour Payson was throwing fits (despite my giving him lots of fun toys and books) because I wouldn’t let him destroy the girls’ school work

So he got an early nap (his nap is usually at 10:30, it was 9:30.)

I went back in to continue helping the girls with their school work.

Brooklyn was working on a worksheet that went with an apple poem.

While Sierra was tracing letters.

Brooklyn really liked this part in her assignment, drawing two friends eating apples.
(Brooklyn always thinks we’re making videos for Allan to watch and when she talks about not being sad anymore she’s referring to how she was crying earlier in the morning because Allan went to work)

Last year I bought the girls these folders to keep their daily work in. Either the night before or the morning of I fill the right side with the worksheets they need to complete that day. When they finish a worksheet they put it in the left side.

Both girls are always very interested in what the other one is doing.

After doing school work for a while I tell them they can put their worksheets away and color.

And this is also about when we have snack every day (11 o’clock).

Cheese and crackers, cashews, and popcorn.

After snack we do crafts and circle time. I used to do circle time first thing in the morning but I’ve found they are MUCH better at doing their worksheets when it’s the first thing we do.
I didn’t take pictures during circle time or craft time today.

After that we have lunch.
Brown rice, vegetables, and some sliced hot dogs (because we were out of ham. ha)

When I used to post more often about what we eat I got asked several times if I eat the same things as my kids do and the short answer is sometimes but not usually.

I also use lunch time to read to them about history. Today we read from the “What Your First Grader Needs to Know” book.

This shot I took just because you can’t possibly have a post about the day in the life of my kids without mentioning diaper changes!

In the afternoon (around 2 or 3) I let the kids watch TV for an hour. We record shows on Tivo, mostly Sesame Street.

While the kids watch TV I make business phone calls (to schedule doctor appointments, for example) or clean if it’s needed or blog.

After that the kids and I play, we read, we might dance, sometimes we go to the park (I love the park in the evenings) or the kids just play with their toys by themselves while I tidy up.

Around 5:30 we have dinner. Sometimes later, just depends.
Baked potato, salad, and cucumber
After dinner is scripture reading and brushing teeth and bed!

Last Night and Today

One of our favorite things to do as a family is go for a walk in the desert. It got dark fast during our walk last night but I took a few pictures anyway.

And the girls. The girls LOVE the outdoors. Which is so very awesome for Allan and me since we LOVE the outdoors.

My camera had a really hard time focusing when I took the rest since it was basically dark out. I lightened this one up quite a bit in photoshop, hence the grain.

Then these were taken during breakfast this morning.

Taken tonight at dinner.

The girls were so hyper all afternoon today. They played together for several hours straight, laughing the whole time.

The girls did their school work earlier in the day. Sierra did the 2nd alphabet book from the Progressive Phonics site. She loves having her very own reading lessons.

I found another free resource online. Some worksheets for Brooklyn this time.
Super Teacher Worksheets:

The way Brooklyn writes her name cracks me up. The letters get bigger as she goes. She does it every time.
(Oh and Brooklyn got all those addition problems right, you just can’t tell from her written answers because she’s really bad at writing numbers.)

The Messiest Room in my House

Our front room {aka} the formal living room {aka} the school room {aka} the playroom.

It gets messy.

Even though my children each have their very own {big} rooms they bring their toys out into this room every day.

After a few hours of {awesome} playtime I get a little twitchy about not being able to see the floor and announce it’s cleanup time.

And yes, even Payson joined in the efforts to pick the place up.

And because I suppose posting “the mess” pictures without an “after cleanup” picture feels unfinished here’s a quick snap:

Last Sunday

After Allan and the girls got home from church (I stayed home with Payson since I was so sick) I took a few pictures of them.

The girls really wanted their picture taken while they stood on this rock in our front yard.

She’d had braids the night before.

Payson was out there in his pajamas.

Chubbying Up Payson

**I’m editing this post a bit because I’m afraid the way I wrote before will give the wrong impression, I was kinda joking around about fattening up my boy but it was giving the impression that his weight was an actual problem 😉

Payson’s checkup with his gastroenterologist today went SO well. Payson’s been doing great and is nice and healthy with normal.. um, poop. ha

His doctor said he hasn’t gained weight and to watch that (he just recently got over a stomach virus the whole family had). If Payson continues to stay at the same weight or loses weight he wants me to check in with him and we’ll need to look at Payson’s diet carefully, but as of right this second everything about Payson looks great! For the first time in his 18 month life!

I started Payson back on dairy recently and so far (knock on wood) he’s had no ill symptoms!

So, gotta watch that weight (that it doesn’t drop) and continue to avoid wheat, but besides that everything’s going really well.