Not All Sunshine and Roses

It was a hard day. The kids were whiny (most especially Payson), I was overtired and overworked and therefore moody. Random yucky things happened (Payson throwing his poopy diaper off the changing table onto the floor). I ran late for a photoshoot with my friend. Just a yucky day.

It started pretty well, though. Payson watched the rain.

I took pictures of the kids in their new pajamas that my mom got them.

Thanks grandma!

They were ultra sweet to each other.

I made a breakfast of fruit, eggs, toast with nutella, and milk for the girls.

Which they loved and thanked me for.

Payson didn’t get toast with nutella but he did get coconut milk (which, turns out, he hates!)

I finished reading “My Father’s Dragon” to the kids.

But then.
It was time to go and all three kids decided the last thing on Earth they wanted to do was leave the house. And Payson decided that everything made him mad.

But we still managed to make it out the door.

I met up with my friend Arjhana (pronounced uh-ron-uh) to take her pictures.

When we got home I put Payson to bed. He took a very short nap. While he was asleep I snapped some pictures of Brooklyn.

She was doing all kinds of her own poses and faces.

And as I type I hear Payson walking towards me screaming. I really have to go make dinner and then do the scripture reading, brushing teeth and bedtime thing.
And tomorrow we’re not going anywhere and hopefully it’s a mellow day of crafts, songs and school!

7 thoughts on “Not All Sunshine and Roses

  • It always seems like the days that start out all cute and sweet are the ones that turn around to bite you in the butt. I l-o-v-e love Brooklyn's bed-head. It's beyond adorable.
    Love the shots of your friend, too!!
    (got a new cord for the internet! lol)

  • You did a great job on your friend's pictures! She looks gorgeous. I'd love your carrot, apple, raisin, muffin recipe if you care to share.

  • I came back to look again and I'm just so impressed with your pictures of your friend! The second to last shot looks like it came out of a magazine! That's a great shot!

    Also, I'm not happy you had such a rough day, but it does make me feel so much better to hear about how other Mom's don't always have great days! 😉 The poopy diaper thing made me laugh (not because it was funny, but just because I can so relate!!!) It's good to have these blog connections and know that I'm not alone in this wonderful, chaotic world of motherhood! 🙂

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