Life is Simple, Life is Good

We had so much going on last year. I felt like I was out of the house way too much for doctor appointments and errands.
This year Allan’s been doing a lot (the vast majority) of the grocery shopping. Doctor appointments are less often because of the answers we got for Payson during his endoscopy.

So life has slowed down a lot. The kids and I stay home a lot more and everything feels more peaceful.

Today during breakfast I read to the girls from this book called “My Father’s Dragon.” They really loved it and so did I. We read half the book! The book is one I got from Sonlight last year.

Breakfast was oatmeal (certified gluten free for Payson) with blueberries and agave nectar, and some fruit. Yum!!

All three kids were a sticky mess after eating so they got a bath.

After their bath we headed into the front room to do some school work. While I was printing Sierra’s reading lesson off the girls played (and it was cute because they were acting out scenes from “My Father’s Dragon” with their toys.)

We do all of our reading on the futon in the front room.

Payson made a mess in the corner.

Payson got a late nap today and ended up only sleeping for a half hour or so.

During the half hour he slept the girls worked on handwriting while I folded laundry.

In between teaching the girls their lessons I’d text. My friend Arjhana (pronounced uh-ron-uh) texts me a lot during the day. I don’t answer most of them (because I’m with the kids.)

The last pictures I took before I got tired of dragging my camera around was of snacktime.
Toast with jelly and pretzels for the girls, gluten-free cheerios for Payson. Pear and cashews for all of them. Cashews are a huge favorite for my kids.

5 thoughts on “Life is Simple, Life is Good

  • I really enjoy your posts like this, where you show your day to day stuff. I know I've said it before, and I know I'm not the only person who's said it, but I really love the healthful variety you feed your kids. I try really hard to come up with healthy snacks/meals for mine most of the time, but I still end up going back to the same old same old. Do your kids eat everything on their plates most of the time? I think that's my biggest problem, is that I find if I put too much (either quantity or variety) then they don't eat it and it gets wasted (because somethings just can't be salvaged after they've mangled it lol).

  • I really love day-in-the-life posts too. Also I was totally going to comment and say “hey, I have that phone,” and then I was like “um. duh. did that yesterday.”

    That bathtub picture is PRICE.LESS.

  • Hey my daughter got the shirt that Sierra is wearing for Xmas! But then again… our girls have a lot of the same clothes I've noticed.

    I also like the healthy snacks. My 6 year old will always eat it, but my 4 year old is so picky and never wants to try anything…

  • Yay, the return of the food posts! I love those! Our kids eat a lot of the same stuff (except cashews, they do like almonds). I usually eat something different for lunch as well – sadly not nearly as healthy either.

    Oh, and I emailed you about starting my own blog a few weeks ago, well I did it! You should be able to view it through my name in the comments?….

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