Day in the Life {of my kids}

I felt like doing a day in the life but didn’t feel like taking the time to set up the timer so today’s post is a day in the life of my kids!

Allan stayed home for the first part of the morning since we had our warranty service rep come over for our 12-month warranty checkup.

While the warranty service rep and Allan went over the things that needed fixing I did dishes and made breakfast.
Eggs, toast with nutella, and fruit.

Allan left for work around 9 (he usually leaves at 7) and the kids and I headed straight for the front room to do some school work.

Within a half hour Payson was throwing fits (despite my giving him lots of fun toys and books) because I wouldn’t let him destroy the girls’ school work

So he got an early nap (his nap is usually at 10:30, it was 9:30.)

I went back in to continue helping the girls with their school work.

Brooklyn was working on a worksheet that went with an apple poem.

While Sierra was tracing letters.

Brooklyn really liked this part in her assignment, drawing two friends eating apples.
(Brooklyn always thinks we’re making videos for Allan to watch and when she talks about not being sad anymore she’s referring to how she was crying earlier in the morning because Allan went to work)

Last year I bought the girls these folders to keep their daily work in. Either the night before or the morning of I fill the right side with the worksheets they need to complete that day. When they finish a worksheet they put it in the left side.

Both girls are always very interested in what the other one is doing.

After doing school work for a while I tell them they can put their worksheets away and color.

And this is also about when we have snack every day (11 o’clock).

Cheese and crackers, cashews, and popcorn.

After snack we do crafts and circle time. I used to do circle time first thing in the morning but I’ve found they are MUCH better at doing their worksheets when it’s the first thing we do.
I didn’t take pictures during circle time or craft time today.

After that we have lunch.
Brown rice, vegetables, and some sliced hot dogs (because we were out of ham. ha)

When I used to post more often about what we eat I got asked several times if I eat the same things as my kids do and the short answer is sometimes but not usually.

I also use lunch time to read to them about history. Today we read from the “What Your First Grader Needs to Know” book.

This shot I took just because you can’t possibly have a post about the day in the life of my kids without mentioning diaper changes!

In the afternoon (around 2 or 3) I let the kids watch TV for an hour. We record shows on Tivo, mostly Sesame Street.

While the kids watch TV I make business phone calls (to schedule doctor appointments, for example) or clean if it’s needed or blog.

After that the kids and I play, we read, we might dance, sometimes we go to the park (I love the park in the evenings) or the kids just play with their toys by themselves while I tidy up.

Around 5:30 we have dinner. Sometimes later, just depends.
Baked potato, salad, and cucumber
After dinner is scripture reading and brushing teeth and bed!

6 thoughts on “Day in the Life {of my kids}

  • I love when you do these day in the life posts! Oh and we had that exact same breakfast this morning and I took pictures of it! Now, whether I ever get around to posting them is another story. 😉

  • You are SO much better at this Mom thing than I am! 😉 Thanks so much for doing these posts! You always give me good school ideas when you post about your day! 😉 I loved the video too! I've been trying to post videos, but for some reason mine won't upload!! It's very frustrating! Anyway, this was a great post. I love the way you have all your school stuff organized. The girls are dressed so cute too!

    You inspire me to be a better mom.

  • I adore when you do these kinds of posts – it is inspirational! We are transitioning into homeschooling after we settle in with this new baby soon and I love to see how other families work it in 🙂 You are a great mom and your kiddos are adorable!

  • I love day in the life posts, because they always make me want to do one, or scrapbook one…just to remember our days here at home together. It's the little moments we will miss the most someday I think.

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