Last Night and Today

One of our favorite things to do as a family is go for a walk in the desert. It got dark fast during our walk last night but I took a few pictures anyway.

And the girls. The girls LOVE the outdoors. Which is so very awesome for Allan and me since we LOVE the outdoors.

My camera had a really hard time focusing when I took the rest since it was basically dark out. I lightened this one up quite a bit in photoshop, hence the grain.

Then these were taken during breakfast this morning.

Taken tonight at dinner.

The girls were so hyper all afternoon today. They played together for several hours straight, laughing the whole time.

The girls did their school work earlier in the day. Sierra did the 2nd alphabet book from the Progressive Phonics site. She loves having her very own reading lessons.

I found another free resource online. Some worksheets for Brooklyn this time.
Super Teacher Worksheets:

The way Brooklyn writes her name cracks me up. The letters get bigger as she goes. She does it every time.
(Oh and Brooklyn got all those addition problems right, you just can’t tell from her written answers because she’s really bad at writing numbers.)

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