The Messiest Room in my House

Our front room {aka} the formal living room {aka} the school room {aka} the playroom.

It gets messy.

Even though my children each have their very own {big} rooms they bring their toys out into this room every day.

After a few hours of {awesome} playtime I get a little twitchy about not being able to see the floor and announce it’s cleanup time.

And yes, even Payson joined in the efforts to pick the place up.

And because I suppose posting “the mess” pictures without an “after cleanup” picture feels unfinished here’s a quick snap:

5 thoughts on “The Messiest Room in my House

  • You missed a book over there in the corner in the clean up shot! 😉 LOL! JUST KIDDING!!!! That room looks awesome! My entire house looks like your messy room! 😉 I usually announce my clean up alarm about 45 minutes before Rusty is going to be home from work and we all scramble around trying to get the house presentable again! There's no sense in doing it any earlier than that becuase it is always destroyed moments later! Anyway…I love that room and all your windows! It looks bright and warm and cheery in there! I would want to bring all my toys in there to play too if I was one of the kids! 😉

  • I only have one and we only have a living room, no play area and he drags it into the living room to play.

    Drives me nuts but I think it is because his room gets so little natural light.

    Makes me feel like I am in a cave, good for sleeping but not playing. The extra bedroom we have has office stuff in it and can't be used as a playroom because it is like 15 degrees hotter or colder than the rest of the our living room takes the brunt.

    It's all I can do lose my mind.

    If I had one more room 🙂

    I like for everything to have a place and I hate when it isn't there…LOL

    Your after looks great.

  • My kids always drag their toys into the living room. I try to make them keep everything in their room but it never happens. Drives me crazy.

  • Apparently kids seem to be the same! Mine do the same thing, but thankfully most of the time they spare the living room and head to their playroom. I can't stand having their rooms a mess, the living room destroyed along with their playroom. One is bad enough, but I seriously start the whole twitching and freaking out thing when my entire house explodes. Your clean room looks so refreshing!

  • Great job with the clean up!! I totally relate…I feel like I can never get any real cleaning done (dusting, scrubing etc.) because I'm constantly picking up toys!!

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