Chubbying Up Payson

**I’m editing this post a bit because I’m afraid the way I wrote before will give the wrong impression, I was kinda joking around about fattening up my boy but it was giving the impression that his weight was an actual problem πŸ˜‰

Payson’s checkup with his gastroenterologist today went SO well. Payson’s been doing great and is nice and healthy with normal.. um, poop. ha

His doctor said he hasn’t gained weight and to watch that (he just recently got over a stomach virus the whole family had). If Payson continues to stay at the same weight or loses weight he wants me to check in with him and we’ll need to look at Payson’s diet carefully, but as of right this second everything about Payson looks great! For the first time in his 18 month life!

I started Payson back on dairy recently and so far (knock on wood) he’s had no ill symptoms!

So, gotta watch that weight (that it doesn’t drop) and continue to avoid wheat, but besides that everything’s going really well.

7 thoughts on “Chubbying Up Payson

  • He still looks very healthy! He's so cute.

    I worry about Cayden's weight all the time too though, so I understand your concern. He just barely passed 20 lbs at 18 months. I've never had a baby whose ribs or shoulder blades showed or is in the 2nd percentile for weight and height… My girls had rolls on their thighs and over their wrists. I feel like I'm going to break Cayden if we play too roughly. I can't get him to even sip milk. I have to sneak meat into food whenever I can. I add straight butter to almost everything of his that I'm able. He's on a diet that consists mainly of fruit, and rice and beans. He also likes spaghetti and alfredo sauce (thank goodness), except when he's decided that he doesn't. Which is every other day. He is starting to accept cheese a little, which is good.

    It's extremely frustrating and worrisome, his eating issues. Because its fat (healthy fat) that is necessary for healthy brain development the first two yrs of life, and he's put himself on a pretty low fat diet since he gave up baby food. I pray for him to get over it all the time. Both our lives would be so much more better for it, I think.

    And listen to me going on and on. Can you tell worrying and trying to get him to eat takes up a good amount of my time each day. Good luck with Payson's tummy!

  • I've heard with the rise in obesity, especially in children, that new research says it's better for children to be on the low end of the growth curve.

    Being a parent is stressful enough, and it drives me crazy when doctors tell parents they aren't doing enough. Maybe your child had a growth spurt and will now fill out? Maybe he's healthy for him? Maybe you feed him good food so he doesn't gain like typical junk food american kids?

    I had a co-worker that actually neglected her child because she was so worried about him when he fell off the growth chart. She fed him nothing but butter, milkshakes, full-fat ice cream, etc. He then got sick and had all of these issues due to nutritional deprivation. It was awful!

  • I think he looks totally healthy and not at all too skinny. I wouldn't worry about fattening him up. Its really normal for toddlers at this age to not gain much weight because they are growing taller and losing some of the baby fat.

  • We were told to fatten Houston up…he is 47 inches tall and about 35 lbs. His BMI was only like 10 so that is why they were concerned they wan it at least a twleve.

    Houston is allergic to milk so alot of the ensure etc he cant drink…he is also allergic to oats so that limits the breads…

    Please post whatever you feed him that seems to work.

    I am having no luck πŸ™

  • I'm glad Payson's belly is doing much better! He looks great and I love the girls sweaters and piggy tails. Sierra's hair is starting to get so long. Before you know it she will look just like Brooklyn. That deserves a πŸ™‚ and πŸ™ face. Have a great day!!

  • I'm glad he's doing better. Payson doesn't look too thin to me. He is still a lot thicker than Bryce. If you want him to gain weight, add coconut milk (about a tablespoon) to applesauce, oatmeal etc. That's the only way I can keep Bryce from loosing weight. Butter, cheese, ice cream and fried foods don't work for him.

    Thanks for blogging. It's nice to be able to see what y'all are up to.

    Take care πŸ™‚

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