Cell Phone Shots from the Park

I’ve been feeling pretty yucky lately. The kids and I have stayed inside all week and laid around and basically annoyed the heck out of each other.
I decided I don’t care that I feel like crap, we’re going to the park today and I will have a great time even if I feel like my head is going to roll off my body at any second.

And I did feel pretty darn bad afterward but during… during was very worth it.

I decided to leave my dSLR at home. I wanted to just be in the moment with the kids.

The first hour was spent listening to endless cries of, “chase me mommy! chase me!”
Spent watching three of the world’s cutest kids run in circles and up and down play equipment, constantly looking back with huge eyes and huge grins to see if mommy was right behind them.
Spent smelling the fresh desert smell. The smell it gets in the winter. The smell that is so different than the summer, when everything smells like hot dirt.

I didn’t feel good physically. I’d stop and rest and my head would spin but it was so good anyway.

After we’d been there an hour or so the sprinklers came on.

All three kids without thinking ran over. There was no pause as they arrived near the green grass… their hands were reaching for the spray before they even knew what they were doing.

We laughed and laughed as Payson ran right into the middle of the sprinklers. He stood there blinking and gasping a bit at the cold water. He looked at our laughing faces and broke out into a huge grin and started laughing right along with us.

Brooklyn laughing at how Payson would run in and out of the sprinklers, getting more and more drenched by the second.

The girls ran across the sidewalk making water footprints. Something they’re a bit obsessed with these days. Footprints.

They picked flowers to take over to the sprinklers “for a drink.”

Brooklyn ran towards the parking lot several times. Always the one to push the limits. And Payson, always the one to follow, would cry every time we lead him back to the park.

And he was crying because he desperately wanted to go watch this kid skateboarding.

He stood watching for a good five minutes or more before it was time to go.

5 thoughts on “Cell Phone Shots from the Park

  • Wow, great photos! Hope you are feeling better? We've been stuck in most of the week, but thats due to the fact we are snowed in!!! Was great to begin with, but I just wish it would go away now!! Wanna swap? My snow for your sun?? LOL!! xx

  • Wow, looks like a great time! Hope you're feeling better. All of the pictures are especially of the kids and the sprinklers. My favorite is the last one of Payson, so cute!

  • Oh how I wish we could run through the sprinklers here – lucky you! We woke up to snow and more snow this morning!

  • Jeena and I looking at your blog together both giggling, laughing and saying ahhhhh! We want to be there so baaaaaad right now!

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