9 thoughts on “3rd and 4th Birthday Comparison

  • Wow, this makes me sad, because you know I can't look at pictures of your kids without thinking of my own kids and realizing how quickly time passes. It's amazing how much they change in just one year but you don't even realize it till you see them side by side. She's beautiful.

  • I thought I'd come out of lurkdom to tell you want beautiful kids you have and how much I love reading your blog.

    Happy New Year,

  • OH WOW!!! It is so amazing to me how much they grow and change in one year! It's so crazy because I check your blog pretty much daily, so just like with my own kids I didn't really notice just how much she was growing up and changing until I saw this post to compare! She is BEAUTIFUL Ariana! Wow, she's growing up!! Our babies!!! Sniff, sniff!! Maggie will be 4 in April, so she's not far behind! I love how all our kids are so close to the same ages! That's so cool! These pictures are SO PRETTY! She's such a beautiful little girl!

  • So sweet. They grow up so fast! My oldest will be 20 this year and it seems like yesterday she was playing dress up! Enjoy every second of it.

    Great pictures.

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