Cell Phone Shots Yet Again

Visiting Santa at the Bass Pro Shops. Me and my baby girl. Curly-haired girls having a snack after church. Me and my baby boy. Breakfast- pjs optional. Shopping for Allan’s Christmas presents. Looking up at our snowflakes. Grocery shopping with Payson in his Christmas pjs. Kids playing in the kid area of Deseret Book store. Lots of driving. More from Bass Pro Shops (black and whites). Some random closeups.

5 thoughts on “Cell Phone Shots Yet Again

  • What kind of Cell phone do you have? My husband has been telling me to upgrade mine–I have the old Razor(it's 3 years old and has seen better days and the pics are not so good with it).

  • LOVE all these shots! I should really take more with my phone but I always forget! Your phone takes great photos! I'd love to know what kind of phone you have! 🙂

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