Color-Loving Kiddo

This boy really likes to color. It’s currently his favorite activity.
When I’m busy (cooking or cleaning) I give him this doodle pad.
See the pen marks on his tummy? Yeah, he loves pens.

He also really loves crayons.

Especially when he gets the whole box to himself.

And an entire notebook full of blank paper.

He gets completely absorbed into his drawing.

He’ll spend a good half hour or more working on his art.

He’ll be oblivious to anything or anyone else in the room.

Payson+Crayons = Love

A Short Story

Once upon a time a mother left her pantry door open.
Her [allergic to wheat] son noticed her mistake right away and helped himself to some crackers.

The mother heard the package rustling and came running.

The son was not happy about having his treat stolen away.

He got over it quickly, with help from a gluten-free cocoa bar.

The End

Often Seen Around My House

Brooklyn nestled with Sierra in bed, or on the couch or on the futon or behind the couch, reading together.

Payson trying to feed me toys, his slobbery food, paper scraps, and anything else he happens to be holding.

Pom pom balls used to count with and sort and put into boxes.

Payson climbing and being very proud of himself for climbing.

Stolen pen and paper and a happy, mischievous grin.

Not All Sunshine and Roses

It was a hard day. The kids were whiny (most especially Payson), I was overtired and overworked and therefore moody. Random yucky things happened (Payson throwing his poopy diaper off the changing table onto the floor). I ran late for a photoshoot with my friend. Just a yucky day.

It started pretty well, though. Payson watched the rain.

I took pictures of the kids in their new pajamas that my mom got them.

Thanks grandma!

They were ultra sweet to each other.

I made a breakfast of fruit, eggs, toast with nutella, and milk for the girls.

Which they loved and thanked me for.

Payson didn’t get toast with nutella but he did get coconut milk (which, turns out, he hates!)

I finished reading “My Father’s Dragon” to the kids.

But then.
It was time to go and all three kids decided the last thing on Earth they wanted to do was leave the house. And Payson decided that everything made him mad.

But we still managed to make it out the door.

I met up with my friend Arjhana (pronounced uh-ron-uh) to take her pictures.

When we got home I put Payson to bed. He took a very short nap. While he was asleep I snapped some pictures of Brooklyn.

She was doing all kinds of her own poses and faces.

And as I type I hear Payson walking towards me screaming. I really have to go make dinner and then do the scripture reading, brushing teeth and bedtime thing.
And tomorrow we’re not going anywhere and hopefully it’s a mellow day of crafts, songs and school!

Questions and Answers

I’ve been terrible at answering questions, guys. I’m sorry! I’ll try very hard to answer them right away from now on!

First off, I’m due sometime in September. We weren’t trying and I wasn’t keeping track of my cycle very well so I’m not sure exactly when. Probably the end of September.
When I told the girls they broke out into the hugest grins I’ve ever seen and jumped up and down and ran over and kissed my belly. They’ve talked about their little sister nonstop since finding out. I remind them it might be a boy and they are fine with that idea, too. They just really want a baby girl. hee

And some other questions I never answered from you guys:

-How do you get your pictures so big?
A tutorial on how to post large images is next on my list 🙂

-If I do this will it work in a pre-made template? (talking about the sidebar tutorial)
Yep, my original template for my blog is minima.

I’ve been meaning to ask you when you started teaching your oldest to print words besides her name. Reading first then writing, together, the other way around? What’s worked for you?
I taught her to read before I taught her handwriting. At this point I don’t have any tips for teaching handwriting. Brooklyn really struggles with handwriting. I’ll let you know if I find a program that helps her a lot.

How much Flax do you add to the recipe? (talking about the green smoothies I make)
A sprinkle. Probably a tablespoon or two worth.

-where did you get the toy chest/organizer thing in Payson’s room?
Ikea, I think it was $70.

-I am always so curious as to why you decided to homeschool, if you don’t mind answering I would love it, but totally understand if you aren’t comfortable!
I’ve tried to write a post about why I decided to homeschool several times but can’t seem to put it into words fluently. Maybe I’ll try again later this week! lol

you mention that you bring your Canon 30D with you when you run errands. What do you keep it in to carry, having the kids with you as well?
I toss my camera in my diaper bag or purse or just have it hanging from my shoulder. Not convenient but oh well.

How do you keep records? Do you use a daily homeschool planner where you record everything you do in the day?
Yes, I have a lesson plan book. I write down what we did after we do it. I rarely have a set schedule or to do list before the day starts!

What kind of chicken did you do in the crock pot? What did you serve it with?
I either cook a whole fryer chicken with rotisserie seasoning or chicken breasts with cream of mushroom soup and lemon pepper seasoning. I serve mashed potatoes or rice with chicken. And veggies. Always veggies with dinner 🙂

I LOVE your shoes. They are so cute. Where’d you get them, if you don’t mind my asking?
Target, really cheap too.

Your library looks so neat! How long does it take to get there?
around 30 minutes.

Do you use the free Typepad accounts or the subscription.
I use blogger 🙂

And what’s a post without some pictures?
Some other snaps from yesterday-

How funny is this one?

Busy Weekend

The only time I got my camera out this weekend was to snap this picture of Brooklyn reading to Sierra (a daily thing now, which I LOVE!)

And while I had my camera on I snapped this of Payson who was starting to climb up to the table to get into his sisters’ school work (of course!)

I’m going to take pictures of Payson in a new outfit I got him and post those later today.