Christmas Eve

Not a lot of time to blog but really wanted to post something, so here we go, lots of pictures… few words.
Yes, decorating the tree the day before Christmas, how terrible!

Arizona doesn’t have snow so we faked it.
What says Christmas like a hike?
Maybe I shouldn’t have been running on the rocky trail…
Turns out Payson’s quite fond of the backpack as long as Allan’s the one wearing it.

My new favorite picture of Allan.

This girl adores hiking!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  • Great snowflakes, elf shoes, cute! Sorry you fell! Isn't it weird falling down and getting hurt as an adult? I always think it's a strange experience. It happened all the time as a kid, but now it's so far and few between, that it's unfamiliar. That's probably a weird comment, but that's just always what I think when I get hurt these days.

  • Christmas in Arizona is so different huh? I have had these christmases my whole life so I know nothing different. But it's funny that we can be without a sweater here on Christmas! LOL

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