Update on Payson’s Tummy Troubles

I got a call from Payson’s doctor with the endoscopy results.
The biopsy came back positive with allergen cells.

The gastroenterologist said the next step is to meet with an allergist. I’m not in a huge hurry to do that since Payson’s 100% improvement on the gluten-free diet tells me very clearly it’s a wheat problem.
I will schedule an appointment after the holidays.

So yep, gluten-free boy it is.

These shots are of Payson enjoying some pot roast. Really gluten-free is not that bad! He can still have all 5 food groups. You just have to choose different grains for the bread category 😉

Oh and as far as what flour combination I use: brown rice flour, tapioca flour and potato starch most often. Almond flour is also used sometimes. I haven’t had much success with quinoa flour in any amount, I guess I don’t like the taste. Payson doesn’t mind though.

I’m not a fan of most pre-made mixes, gluten-free ones are no exception. They’re usually twice the price (or more!) it would cost to make stuff from scratch and not worth that to me.

3 thoughts on “Update on Payson’s Tummy Troubles

  • It's a good thing you like to cook!

    Pre-made mixes are a fortune and it is more economical to make things from scratch… but I'm a disaster in the kitchen and sometimes even the mixes don't come out right!

    I admire your kitchen skills.

  • We've had good luck with a flour called Domata Living Flour (comes in 5 pound bags) and is brown rice, cornstarch, and xanthan gum included (for binding flours together). It is way cheaper than buying mixes.

    Oh, and Tinayada Pasta is the best deal for gluten-free pasta. We've basically just started making gluten free for everyone in the family since it is the easiest way to avoid cross contamination and I don't have to cook 2 meals for everyone.

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