I was having a really bad day today.
I had just finished errands. I was heading home.
Heading home should have cheered me up but it didn’t. It wasn’t enough to snap me out of it.
I was in a bad mood.
But then, as I drove, the heavily-clouded sky grew dark.
And it started to rain.
I know I’m odd with this, but rain, rain, rain. Rain makes me so very happy.

I stopped the car in the driveway. I stepped out of the car, stopped to unbuckle the kids. The girls climbed out as I scooped up Payson. Baby boy on my hip, I paused.

The rain hit my face. I smiled. I felt it, bubbling up from my stomach, the laughter. Nervous, relieved, exhausting laughter. Stress-releasing laughter.
My kids, knowing how rain affects me, knowing how rain is a cue for dancing and skipping, immediately laughed along and started running around the driveway and yard.
Payson was squinty from the drops on his face but seeing his sisters and mom facing the sky and laughing caused the corners of his lips to turn up and his cute gapped teeth showed. He flinched happily. He raised his hand towards the sky with an excited, expectant smile. The drops slipped down his arm and his smile stayed as he turned and looked straight into my eyes. He knew then. He knows now. The joy of rain.

Suddenly life was very good. Life is very good.

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