As much as I hate giving my kids baths (they splash, they scream, they get crazy hyper) I love the way they look with wet hair and eyelashes and the smell of the soap and the huge grins plastered to their faces the whole time.

Payson’s always been a big fan of baths. When he hears the water turn on he comes sprinting into the room right to the edge of the tub and tries to climb in.

Here he was saying “ball” which he pronounces “bowwwwwww.”

I don’t have many bath toys in my tub so the kids fight over the bath cup.. they’ll fill it and pour it over and over. Payson fills it and drinks it and then pours it over and over.

He’s getting a haircut soon. I’ll miss the way his hair grows in the back.

One thought on “Bathtime

  • Those are ADORABLE bath time pics! Cayden is the same way about his bath. LOVES it. And me not as much because of the amount of water that gets on the floor.

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