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  • I hope we find a dog too 🙁

    Being an art teacher is great most of the time but some of the students can be a challenge. When I'm having a bad day though I just think, “you're coloring and painting with second graders today…how is that bad?”

    I have 2 schools and I start the year off at school A. Second 6 weeks I work at school B. Third 6 weeks I go back to school A and so on and so on. (It saves the school district a bit of money having half the amount of art teachers). When I'm not at a school they go to another class in art's place like library or computer or science lab. The scheduling can be a bit confusing.

  • I totally just realized you wrote how do you “like” going between schools…oops. I thought it said “how do you”. So to answer that I like it because it is a change of pace. I get tired of being in the same class room day in and day out. On the other hand I have to remember 2 ways of doing things, like where to sign in, who to ask questions when I need to know something on campus, I have 2 sets of students, coworkers, and parents…so it has good and bad.

    Sorry for the million comments :/

  • Awww, they're gorgeous! We just took Christmas photos today and I uploaded a bunch of them. I did a crappy job on the post processing though. *sigh* And I'm too lazy to go and fix them all the way they need to be fixed.

    Brooklyn looked sad though – she's normally smiling ear to ear! Was she not happy with Christmas dress photos?

  • Gorgeous dresses and curls! I haven't decided if I'm going to try “Christmas” photos or not. I may not fool with it this year.

  • These photos make me wanna try for a little girl of my own! I went in search for a Christmas outfit for my son and everything on the girls side was so much cuter! Anywho, your girls are gorgeous and Merry Christmas to you all.

  • Absolutely gorgeous! Makes me wish I would have tried something new with my girls' hair for their Christmas pics. I just love the curls. Do you use rollers or a curling iron??? My girls hair is stick straight and I guess I'm just intimidated to try!

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