Cellphone Shots!

I haven’t taken any pictures with my dSLR the last couple of days.
Busy. Tired. Hormonal.

I’ve been thinking I need to use my point and shoot (Allan’s point and shoot, really) and my cellphone for pictures more often. It’s so EASY.

The cellphone pictures are of:
We bought a new kitchen table and the kids have been having a blast playing on the (now empty) box it came in. We’ve spent a lot of time playing together in Sierra’s room. The puppy Payson got before his endoscopy has been getting lots of lovin’. I bought new makeup. We drove to lots of places. Payson was whiny, whiny, whiny. Payson lost my keys and I couldn’t find them for half the day and I finally found them in our spare bathroom. Brooklyn laughed and laughed at herself in the video in the post below. We drove to more places.

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