Payson’s Endoscopy

Payson’s endoscopy was this morning at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. He also had a procedure where they look a few inches into his colon as well.
Everything went well. The pictures didn’t show anything wrong with his esophagus or his colon. We’re now waiting another week or two for the biopsy results to come back. Even if they come back negative I’ll have to take Payson to an allergist since his tummy problems are affected (in a good way) greatly by diet.

Payson’s appointment was scheduled for 10am but they insisted I check in at 8. This meant a LOT of waiting.

Over two hours of waiting.

I had grabbed Brooklyn’s toy car as I headed out. Thank goodness I did too, as it was the only thing Payson wanted to play with and the only thing that kept him occupied.

Can you tell he was making car sounds in that picture? So cute.

He drove his car up and down the walls and all along his bed. *Vrooming* the whole way.

I attempted to get a shot of us together. I held him for most of the time we waited and really felt like documenting that.

The first hour of waiting wasn’t too bad. He was having fun with mommy and his car and enjoying all the one-on-one attention.

Not that we’re ever short on one-on-one attention for Mr. Payson.

He enjoyed it just the same.

I enjoyed it too 🙂

He sat like this and thought it was so funny.

I attempted a couple more timer pictures. It was tough because the camera was set on a shelf in the wall so I couldn’t see what it was pointed at.
And I was holding Payson and running back to the bed and putting him down and then trying to lean over and get in the shot. lol

It was worth the trouble. I love this shot of him and me.

He was laughing as we ran and set the camera.
We’d get back to the hospital bed and he would look at me and smile really big and I’d smile back at him and then say, “oh! look at the camera!” and he would.
And then we’d go and get the camera and look on the back of the screen and he’d smile and point to me and say, “mmmmammmma” and then point to himself and say, “deeeedeeeee” (which means baby.)

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