I Peed Outside Today

Sierra did too.

You see I was in the middle of the desert. There aren’t toilets out in the desert.
And I have birthed three babies and my bladder doesn’t like me for that.

Where I peed outside is the most interesting tidbit to my embarrassing confession. I peed outside about 2 minutes from my house.
In my defense it would have taken at least 5 minutes to get my kids in the car. So that’s seven minutes to get to my house. Add another minute for getting the kids inside and we’re talking eight minutes to get to a toilet.
And did I mention I gave birth three times?

What were we doing out in the desert???
My kids were all dressed in normal clothes today (no one in pajamas) so I stopped for pictures of them!

Brooklyn saw these boots at WalMart and begged me for them. She put her entire outfit together today. She’s starting to be really opinionated about how she dresses.

These are all Brooklyn’s very own poses, by the way.

Originally I was going to take pictures of only Brooklyn but I realized how cute the other two looked and couldn’t resist trying for a group photo.

At first I let them stand whereever the heck they wanted.

But it looked weird so I put them together on this lovely little dirt hill.

They were all in decent moods.

Well, Payson had a moment.

But turns out he was only looking for attention and when he got some, boy was he happy.

But happiness is fleeting for the boy.

Before heading to the car I asked Brooklyn to take some of me and Payson.

And then I remembered that I wanted to get some of Sierra by herself too!



Oh and lastly, this gorgeous picture of my freckled-face cutie.

7 thoughts on “I Peed Outside Today

  • Ariana…These little pics are lovely. With all the practice you are getting you could start a business when your kiddos are bigger. I am sorry to hear about the pyscho who was prentending to be you….that is weird. But I guess you could take it as a compliment because your pictures of your kiddos are lovely. I need to take pictures of my kids more…thanks for inspiring me!

  • the lighting in your pics is amazing. I've never been to a desert it makes for a great backdrop. I think Brooklyn looks so much like you.

  • Adorable pictures and I just love Brooklyn's boots. She looks so hip! I really like the 2nd picture of you and Payson. And of course your Sierra and her big blue eyes are just beautiful. Oh yeah…and the shot of all 3 smiling is priceless.

  • Thanks for the comment! A friend's mom told me one time, “Emily, you live a charmed life” and the phrase just struck me for some reason.

    Lovely photos…as always!

  • Ha ha. Great story. I think all mommies can relate to having to go that bad at one time or another.

    These are all beautiful photos. I love the one Brooklyn took of you and Payson where he is smiling big and you are looking at him. She takes great shots too! You must be rubbing off on her. That last one of her is precious.

  • Cute pics! I understand the whole thing about having 3 kids and not being able to hold it very long, lol. Glad to hear that you didn't get any pricklies in your bum. 😉 It's funny, we were visiting a cattle ranch this last spring, and my daughter told me she had to go to the bathroom. I asked where it was, and the cowboys told me that they didn't have one- that she could go behind the barn. She just couldn't make herself go outdoors. She held it for quite a while until we could get to a bathroom at a rest stop along the way, lol.

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