Thank You and a Few Questions

I really wanted to say thank you to *you* all.. you that commented and offered suggestions and support when I was feeling iffy about going on with blogging.
It meant a lot to me and without those words of encouragement I probably would’ve let the few bad apples ruin my blogging experience.

So thank you!

I had a suggestion by a commenter, Veronica, to have a fun survey for all of you readers. A way I can get to know you. I LOVE surveys so I love this idea! lol

For now I put together a few questions just for fun.. you can answer in the comments section or email me. If you guys like this idea then I’ll do it again. Heck maybe we’ll do a question a week thing? Maybe you guys can answer it on your blog (if you have one) and I can share the links?
Let me know what you think 🙂

So here are a few starter questions..

How old are you?
Where do you live?
Do you have any kids? How many? How old are they?
What household chore do you dread the most?
If you had a day off or a day away from your kids, how would you spend it?
Who/what inspires you?

41 thoughts on “Thank You and a Few Questions

  • I have been really bad about commenting, but I'm SOO SOO SOO glad you are continuing your blog. I look forward to your photos, ideas, and just day to day stuff! I'll play!

    How old are you? 28
    Where do you live? San Antonio, TX
    Do you have any kids? How many? How old are they? Natalie is 6, Erica is 4, Graham is 1, and Leah is due in Feb.
    What household chore do you dread the most? mostly it's picking up and putting stuff up. I don't mind the actual cleaning as much as I hate all the junk.
    If you had a day off or a day away from your kids, how would you spend it? in bed, with lots of yummy snacks, and lots of good tv
    Who/what inspires you? other moms – I love getting ideas from other moms who are in the same boat I am in. I like to find moms with similarities to me (number/age of kids, homeschooling, Christian etc.) that I can relate to. Probably one of the reasons I like your blog/you so much because we have so much in common that I can relate to!

  • 35
    2 kids, girl-6, boy-4
    cleaning the bathrooms
    I would probably go shopping in peace and quiet!
    my kids inspire me everyday!


  • I am 26.
    I have 3 kids. Ages 6,5 and 3.
    I dread unloading the dishwasher. I don't mind loading it but unloading is always put off until the last possible moment.
    If I had a day off I would go to the movies. I LOVE to go by myself. No one but me and a bag of popcorn.
    I get inspired by soooo many blogs it is hard to narrow it down. My bloglines account has I think over 70 blogs listed on it.

  • I just turned 28 last week..
    I have one son and three little angels. I think he is all four of them wrapped into one he is a live wire for sure
    I hate hate hate hate hate to put away laundry.
    I live in Alabama, like the most boring state ever…which I lived somewhere will more scenry to offer.
    I would to a concert I think 🙂
    I love reading blogs…..because it makes me realize how much your life can paralell someone halfway across the world or the US.

  • I love your blog and I am really happy you decided not to delete it too.

    I am 26.

    I live in Southwest Kansas.

    I have two step children ages 10 & 9 and three children of my own ages 8, 6, & 7 weeks.

    I always dreaded folding/putting away laundry…but now I put the hampers in the middle of the living room and I let the kids sort the clothes and fold/put away their own clothes…it's GREAT and the kids love it too!

    Usually when I have a day off from the kids my husband and I go shopping. It is nice to go to the store without 5 little ones.

    I am inspired by a lot of different things. One of those things is other stay at home/home schooling mothers blogs. I do not know anyone around here that home schools so it is great to peak into the homes of women who have similar lives as me. I don't feel so alone!

  • How old are you? 24
    Where do you live? Near Houston, TX
    Any kids? Not yet, check back in about 18 months 🙂
    What household chore do you dread? Vacuuming…UGH!
    How would I spend a day off? Shopping or DIYing
    Who/what inspires you? My husband, the Bible/my devotional/a good sermon, crafty people

    I LOVE the idea of questions of the week with links to other blogs!

  • Great idea!!

    36, but hate to admit it, LOL.

    Melbourne, Florida which is a hour east of Orlando on Florida's east coast

    17 1/2 yr old son

    I hate to clean the bathroom

    I would spend the day off doing absolutley nothing!!!

    Who inspires me?? My DH!!

  • I LOVE your blog too! It's full of inspiration and I just love seeing how you and your family are doing… Our kids are all around the same ages and we both live in Arizona so I relate A LOT!

    How old are you? I am 25.

    Where do you live? Phoenix Arizona

    Do you have any kids? How many? How old are they? Yes. 3 soon to be 4. And they are Diego (6… 7 in March), Alayna (4 1/2), Arielle (20 mos), and I am due in April with my 4th.

    What household chore do you dread the most? Laundry… I really, really HATE it!

    If you had a day off or a day away from your kids, how would you spend it? Getting my nails done and having lunch with a friend… maybe some shopping!

    Who/what inspires you? My Kids definitely… being a SAHM my life revolves around them so they easily inspire me.

  • I've been a blog stalker for quite a while and am so happy that you are going to keep the blog going, 'cause I LOVE it!!! :0)
    So I figured if I wanted to read this it's only fair to tell you more about me! So here goes:

    How old are you? I'm 29.

    Where do you live? I live in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada…that's a mouthful hey?!?

    Do you have kids? How many?How old are they? I have 2 sweet boys who are 4 and 6 months!!

    What household chore do you dread the most? Laundry.. I HATE it!!! Luckily, my hubby does it very well.

    If you had a day off or a day away from your kids, how would you spend it? I would go shopping by myself and then get a massage….ahhhh to dream.

    Who/what inspires you? My mom, she is amazing.

  • This is so fun! What a good way to get to know your readers 🙂

    How old are you? 26

    Where do you live? Virginia

    Do you have any kids? Only a 4 legged child for now…

    How many? How old are they? She's 2

    What household chore do you dread the most? Dishes. I normally let my husband do this 🙂

    If you had a day off or a day away from your kids, how would you spend it? I would go have lunch with someone I love, maybe some shopping, followed by a movie on the couch in my sweats!

    Who/what inspires you? Lots, but today I'm gonna go with other bloggers. I read so many blogs, and there are so many women out there who inspire me to live life to the fullest. The blog world is a wonderful place 🙂

  • 37
    I live in Tasmania ,Australia
    I have two girls Aimee 13 (teenager yikes) and Maddison 9
    least fav chore hmmmm thats a hard one ….all of them but I really really hate to do the ironing blahhhh 🙂
    If I had a day off I would spent it having lunch with my friends all day and not have to rush off to pick up the kids from school now that would be heaven
    My kids inspire me and amaze me every day

  • SOOOO Fun!! Love the way you asked the questions!!

    How old are you? 28 (but feel 48 right now!!)

    Where do you live? Houston, Texas (Well… a small town nearby!)

    Do you have any kids? I have one kiddo (He is ALL we need!!). He is 8 years old and the light of our lives!!

    What household chore do you dread the most? I must say that I am an Undomestic Diva, but trying everyday to be a better wife and mother. Chores are not my idea of fun, so as long as my hubby is helping out, I do not dread any!

    If you had a day off or a day away from your kids, how would you spend it? I don't have many of these and I kind of like it that way. However, in July, my hubby and I escaped to Vegas and got married! It was a suprise to me, and even after 10 years, it was still special and absolutely worth the wait!

    Who/what inspires you? My family and friends inspire me daily!!

  • I've been lurking here for quite some time. Love reading your blog.

    I'm 37
    live in Louisiana
    Have 2 kids
    Brennen 13 and Blair 10
    I glad you decided to keep the blog

  • I'm so glad to hear the blog is still up and running – And, as mentioned earlier, as I follow your blog – it is only fair for me to share my info:

    -No kids yet – but i teach kindergarten, so i feel like i have 20 five year olds
    -cleaning the bathroom
    -pizza and movies in bed
    -strong, smart women

  • Cool idea:

    No kiddos – but I'm a teacher so I get my fill at work!
    I hate to wash dishes
    Alone time = reading
    I'm inspired by lots of things… I think it depends on the day.

  • Hi!!!
    I am 38 years old and live in Stephenville Texas. Home of Tarleton State University, which by the way is where I work!
    I have 1 daughter 19 and one son 18.
    I hate pretty much any household chores, but I have a hubby and daughter that help out LOTS.
    If I had a day off I would spend it looking at photo websites and playing with photos in my PJ's
    Photography! And my children inspire me the most. ; )
    Have a great day!

  • I love this idea and your clever way of asking. I would say that I would do a post on my blog but I'm afraid that I will forget. So, I guess I will just have to answer them all here.
    ~I am 34 and I live in WV, one of my best friends is your other WV reader that commented above. 🙂
    ~I have 3 kids, Jordan is 13 (almost 14), Brooklyn is 4, and Eli is 19 months. You already knew all of that.
    ~My least favorite chore is cleaning the kitchen floor and the stove. I don't know what it is about them but I will put those 2 things off until I just can't stand the grime anymore.
    ~Usually my days off from work are spent catching up on housework. Sometimes I can get sucked into the internet. And if my mom gets me out of the house then we usually do shopping and lunch. I don't normally do things without my kids. If I do it's just dinner with friends or husband.
    ~I find inspirations everywhere. Blogs, photography sites, magazines, stickers, paper, my kids, books, it's never ending.
    Make sure you answer these questions also. Well, at least the bottom 3.

  • How old are you? 31
    Where do you live? Fort Collins, CO
    Kids? Talon Michael, 3 yrs (39 mos)
    What household chore do you dread the most? No one sticks out. I hate emptying the dishwasher, folding laundry and sorting/filing ppwk.
    Day off and away from Talon? Probaby clothes shopping. I rarely go, since I pretty much refuse to bring Talon with me. Also take a very LONG nap.
    Who/what inspires you? I'm probably most inspired by people who are positive and content and don't worry about things they cannot change or are unknown. I'm struggling with trying to be that way. Worse lately, but has always been a struggle for me. I'm smart enough to know what I should think and feel and do, but I can't seem to internalize it and truly believe and let go. I also admire moms who can juggle kids, work and their own school or other activities. It's all I can do to go to work, make dinner, take care of Talon in the evenings. I've become very complacent and scared of change. Wish I had the follow-through to get a new job or get my masters or law degree.

  • My name is Michelle – I am 34 years old. I live in a small town in Southwest Iowa, and we are covered in snow right now! I have two boys, who are 3 and 8. The household chore I definitely dread the most is laundry. If I have a day off from work and kids, I would like to spend it scrapbooking with my sister. My inspirations are my boys. Thanks for continuing the blog – I really enjoy it!

  • My name is Brooke and I am so glad you are keeping up with your blog. I love looking at your photos and reading about your creativity!

    * I am 28 years old.
    * I live in Maryland.
    * My son is 8 months old and the light of my life!
    How old are you? 28
    * I dread ALL household chores. The thing I dislike most is vacuuming the stairs.
    * If I had a day off work (I work fulltime) I would spend it with my baby boy. I enjoy just cuddling with him, playing on the floor with him, and taking him on errands with me. He is so much more fun than I ever imagined!
    * I find inspiration in lots of places. It depends what I am being inspired to do!

  • Glad to see you liked the idea…and creative way to ask the questions!

    1. I am 27!
    2. We are currently in Eastern NC
    3. I have a son who is 17 months 🙂
    4. The chore I hate the most is Laundry!! I HATE to sort it, wash it, fold it etc…YUCK! I pile it up really high until the weekend.
    5. A day away…probably spend it shopping. I love TJMAXX
    6. I get inspired by all kinds of people, for different reasons. It's tough to pick one.

  • Count me in, too!

    I'm Jessica.
    27 years old.
    I live right outside of Orlando, FL.
    2 fantastic kiddos; Elizabeth will be 5 next month (OMG!) and Jayden is 18 months.
    I hate laundry. Loathe it.
    If I had a free day, I'd spend it sleeping. lol

    Glad to see you've decided to keep your blog!! I love all the arts and crafts you do with your kids!

  • Hi I'm Melissa

    How old are you? 37 years old will be 38 in February.

    Where do you live? West Central,Minnesota Originally from Donna,Texas. Have lived in Brooklyn Park,Brooklyn Center,St. Paul and Minneapolis,Minnesota. Colorado Springs,Colorado,Olympia and Fort Lewis Washington. Now live 5 miles in the next town over from Where my Hubby was raised his parents still live in the same house 🙂

    Do have any kids? Yes . How many? We have a Girl and a Boy also have 3 Angels in Heaven. How old are they? Ashllie is 11 years old and Kevin Jr. is 23 months will Turn 2 years 2 days after Christmas.

    What household chore do you dread the most? I have 2 of them. Laundry because I Hate putting it away and Doing Dishes because I Despise Washing Pots& Pans& Silverware . I have No problem with loading the Washer and Dryer or Sorting of the Clothes and no problem with Washing Dishes & Glasses & Cups. My Hubby thinks I'm weird because of my quirks. Oh Well even though I dread doing those things they still get done 🙂

    If you had a day off or a day away from your kids, how would you spend it? I'd go to the Movies with Hubby and also out to Dinner. If we still lived in Colorado I would go hangout at The Garden of The Gods and Take Pictures and Just enjoy the scenery and the Peacefulness.

    Who/what inspires you? My children inspire me both have Special Needs and I have learned so much by being their Mother. Others have asked me a time or too if I wish I had normal children and My answer to that is I do,just because they have a few health issues doesn't mean they aren't Normal. I love our Children and I feel Blessed that God Chose Hubby and I too be their parents.

  • Hi, I´m so glad you dicided to keep blogging.
    I´m 41 years old.
    I live in Reykjavik, Iceland. Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and has just over 100.000 inhabitants (ca. 300.000 in Iceland alltogether).
    I have two daughters, Þórunn is 15 and Ólöf is 8. I also have a 27 yr old stepdaughter, who has two kids, so I´m a grandmother to them ;-).
    I hate to iron and to clean up after others.
    I had a lovely housewife-holiday this summer for a whole week, and I went on phototrips, to coffeehouses, tv in PJ´s and so on. It was great.
    A lot of people and things inspire me, including my sister, you, my family, the people I work with, the children that I teach …

  • So glad you are still blogging!!

    I'm 31, nearly 32, but still feel 24!!
    Live in the UK, no where interesting unfortunately! 🙁
    3 girls, Megan is 7, Keely is 5 & Lilly-Rose is 1.
    Hate cleaning the bathroom & doing the laundry. One day I WILL find the bottom of the washing basket, I know its down there somewhere!!
    I'd spend the day doing something creative, sewing, painting or scrapbooking & maybe a bit of baking.
    Main source of inspiration would be my kids, failing that I look to the blogging world.

  • That's a fun idea. If I had a public blog, I'd do this too. I think you already know the answers to some of these for me, but I'll play too.

    How old are you? 30

    Where do you live? Utah

    Do you have any kids? How many? How old are they? Chaylee (shaylee) is 6, Abby is 3, Cayden is 1.

    What household chore do you dread the most? Mopping and separating and folding socks.

    If you had a day off or a day away from your kids, how would you spend it? If I had extra money, I would love to spend a day clothes shopping. If I didn't have extra money, I'd love to go to lunch and a movie with Tim or a friend and then spend the day reading a good book outside somewhere. (if it was warm)

    Who/what inspires you? My husband and my children inspire me the most. Nature, and people who excel at their craft inspire me a lot too.

  • I'M 23
    I have 5 year old, Rylee Ann
    I hate taking out the garbage/recycling (we live in a split level all those stairs are annoying!)
    I would probably go shopping as well…

  • So glad you decided to continue blogging. I love your pics, recipes and the ideas you share.

    How old are you? 37
    Where do you live? Rolla, MO
    Do you have any kids? How many? How old are they? I have one daughter Madison who is 12 weeks old.
    What household chore do you dread the most? I dread mopping.
    If you had a day off or a day away from your kids, how would you spend it? I would spend it getting a massage.
    Who/what inspires you? That's tough, depends on the situation. Mostly my husband inspires me because he is my best friend and hero.

  • Have been reading your blog for a couple of years now but not sure if I have ever commented! So here goes.

    I am 44

    I live in the UK in the South East (about 30 miles from London)

    I have 3 children Lucy is 8 and I have twins Tom and Madison who are 6. I have been married for 22 years.

    I hate cleaning the bathrooms!

    My perfect day off is to go out shopping with my Husband or a good friend stopping often for coffee and a nice lunch.

    I am inspired by so many people. I am a practising wannabe photographer, so am much inspired by some of the talented folk over at 2peas. I am inspired by many people whose blogs I read. I am also inspired by the staff at my childrens school. I volunteer there 2-5 days a week and love the way that they are teaching the little ones.

  • I love love love your way of doing that post! I will try to do the same for my blog tonight from work. I've got my laptop and my camera, so no excuses! 🙂

    Here are my answers:

    How old are you? 29, Next July is the Big 3-0!!

    Where do you live? Jackson, Michigan

    Do you have any kids? Yes.

    How many? I have 2 boys.

    How old are they? Lukas is 4 years 2 months, and Brady is 4 months old.

    What household chore do you dread the most? Cleaning the bathroom. Always seems the shower is so awkward to clean.

    If you had a day off or a day away from your kids, how would you spend it? I would love to go through Target all by myself. 😛

    Who/what inspires you? My friends and their blogs inspire me to be a better blogger. I may get a writer's block here and there, but I try my best to write whats going on and add pictures, because I know years from now I will LOVE the fact that I did, and I can go back and read it. 🙂

  • I'm 21
    from Melbourne Australia
    No kids – not for a while I hope!
    I hate folding the washing.
    If i had a day off I would probably see a movie with friends and shop.
    I study graphic design and get my inspiration from everywhere, nature, blogs, design magazines, people around me.

  • I will be 38 in a few weeks!

    Living in Carlsbad, CA

    w/ two kids (girl age 5 and boy age 2)

    Hate, hate cleaning the bathrooms but I cannot complain anymore because my husband agreed to have someone clean our house….

    I recently purchased a sewing maching and is learning to quilt. Love, love it!

    I get alot of my inspiration from different blogs. I learn alot from the time spent reading blogs. There are lots of talented people that share on the internet.

  • From reading the comments, Texas represents the readers! lol

    My name is Amanda.
    I'm 30 years old.
    I live in San Antonio, TX.
    I have 3 daughters, Sierra 7, Olivia 4, and Sofina 5 mos.
    I hate folding and putting away laundry!
    I love browsing blogs and have decided to start my own soon! 🙂

  • I love your blog too and I'm so glad you're continuing with it.

    I'm 25
    Live in cold New England
    I have 7 month old boy/girl twins
    Laundry and washing dishes/bottles
    Sleep (such a lame answer but it's true I'm tired)
    So many people. For a variety of reasons.

  • I'm 33, but feel like I'm 23. 🙂
    I live in Washington.
    I have 3 girls, ages 8,6, and 8 months.
    I hate cleaning up after a messy project.
    I would love to spend a day alone in my art studio…and paint big acrylic paintings all day long.
    I'm inspired by creative people.

  • Hi!

    I'm Annie

    I'm 23.

    I live in Victoria, Australia.

    I don't have any babies, but I can't wait to be a Mum.

    I really hate folding clean washing and unstacking the dishwasher.

    If I had the day all to myself, with no commitments I'd knit all day, eat chocolates and drink tea.

    I'm inspired my my Mum and Dad, they are such lovely people.

    Fun idea!

    I really love your blog.
    I'm really sorry you have had trouble with some fruit loop. There are a lot of strange people in this world.

  • I'm glad you are still blogging. I love you pictures and I love that you have 2 girls and a boy like me!

    How old are you? 27
    Where do you live? Oregon
    Do you have any kids? Yes How many? 3 How old are they? 5 as of today, soon-to-be-3 and 4 months
    What household chore do you dread the most? finding places for random crap, it uses too much brain power
    If you had a day off or a day away from your kids, how would you spend it?shopping, most likely for them
    Who/what inspires you?my husband, my kids, Christlike people

  • I'm a long time reader, and very much enjoy your blog, so thanks for not going public!

    I'm 24
    From Utah
    with 2 kids Dean-3 and Addie- 6 mo.
    I hate folding and putting away laundry… with a passion.
    If I had a free day and no financial restrictions, I'd spend a day being pampered from head to toe.

    My mom inspires me… she's super woman, really.

  • I'm 37
    I live in Idaho near the Canadian border.
    I have 2 daughters, 17 & 4.
    I hate to clean the shower.
    I would spend my free time scrapbooking!
    So many different things inspire me it would be hard to list them!

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