Space Sticks

What in the world are space sticks?

Why these are!

Popsicle sticks decorated however your child wants.

Placed between words when the child is doing copywork.

Or writing a story.

Or in their journal.

Or any other time they write.

They turned out to be very effective for Brooklyn.
Sierra… well, Sierra doesn’t really need space sticks. Sierra’s naturally good at handwriting and spacing and all that.

She always finishes first and then quietly watches Brooklyn.

Where’s Payson while his sisters are writing?

Trying on his mother’s shoes, of course!

And a shot of Sierra thrown in here just because I like it 😛

I’ve used popsicle sticks for spacers before but for some reason calling them space sticks and having them decorated REALLY helps make it fun for Brooklyn.
I got the idea in a 1st Grade Idea Book I bought at a local school supply store. BEST $30 I’ve spent in a while!

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