Never a Dull Moment

Payson. Such a cutie.

Feeling oh so proud of himself for putting his toes in his shoe.

But he couldn’t..

quite get..

his entire foot..

in his shoe.

So he looks to his mommy for some help.

After his mommy puts in socks and shoes on he skips around the front room.

He wants out of here now. He has places to go!

But… he can’t… get… that darn… futon out of the way.

That can’t bring him down from his happiness. He’s wearing shoes, after all.

Later that morning while his mommy is making breakfast he finds the paper blinds.

He’d left them alone for a couple months. His mom thought they were finally safe.

But she was so very wrong. They were not safe. They are now on the floor.

Did you see me tear down those paper blinds?!

Mommy taped them back up with this!

Which is hilarious because I’ll just tear them down again. And this time I’m hiding the tape!

She’ll never find it up here.

Oh no, it’s escaping!

Playing with the paper blinds and the roll of painter’s tape entertained Payson for most of the morning 🙂

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