Picnic at the Park

We’ve been running around so much on errands I was starting to feel pretty crabby. I was really needing some sunshine and fresh air. Some time to sit back on the grass and watch my kids laugh and play.

And so we had a morning picnic.

The girls got donuts. It’s very rare that we eat donuts so they were jumping around with excitement when I told them we were going to the store for a treat.

They also had bananas and milk.

Mr. gluten-free boy had a cocoa bar instead of a donut. He was plenty happy with it.

After eating we headed over to the playground equipment. Though Brooklyn found this great climbing tree much more fun.

Sierra and Payson were all about the swings this trip.

Brooklyn used my camera to take a few pictures of me and Payson.

The last thing we did was ride on the merry-go-round.

3 thoughts on “Picnic at the Park

  • I love picnics with my kids… But with our schedules now it's impossible to do it. One kid I'd always at school or napping… And I feel bad leaving anyone out. It's just gonna get harder because my 4 year old will be starting Kindergarten next year and going to school all day like my now 1st grader. But hopefully that will let me do things like this with my toddler and the new baby once she arrives!

  • You are such a fun mom!! Just looking at these pictures makes me want to cry, run and grab my babies, and throw my computer (and WORK) out the window and have a picnic too!!! I LOVE the shots on the merry go round with you and the kids!!! It looks like the perfect morning!! You are on a posting roll right now! I had to play catch up because I obviously haven't been in the blogging world much lately. 🙁 boo hoo.

    Anyway, LOVING all the posts!! !:)

  • You always get such great pictures of you with your kids. I am hardly ever in pictures with mine, because I'm always taking them. Do you take a tripod with you a lot of the time? Do you use a remote or the timer because I never notice a remote in your hand. However you do it, you're good at it. Great pics!

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