I Really Don’t Want to Give Up My Blog

It’s my blog. Why do I have to give up something I love because some messed up person pretends my life is theirs?
It has been three years I’ve had this home on the web. It has been a huge source of support and encouragement. It has been an easy way to make friends with other moms and even a few guys. It has been a fun way of recording what goes on every day in my family.

I could make it private. But I like meeting new people online. And what am I supposed to do, have a questioneer or specifications for who I accept? Only accept the few people I absolutely trust?

So, I’ve probably decided that I want to keep blogging. I don’t particularly want to put a copyright on my pictures but I think I’ll have to.
I don’t know that that would really stop someone from taking them, though. This last psycho who stole my pictures used all the right names, even My Sweet Chaos. She/He would not likely be deterred with a copyright.

12 thoughts on “I Really Don’t Want to Give Up My Blog

  • I check out your blog almost daily and love to read about you and your family. My daughter sent me the link a while ago. I would miss it terribly so am glad you are going to keep on keeping on. I have no solutions to your questions, but will support what ever you decide to do. There are and will always be jerks out there. But out of the millions of folks on the web, you've only run into one jerk. So maybe that was the one to cause you grief and you don't have to worry about it any more?

  • I think it would be appropriate to have an entire post on what a physcho / non-existant life the person that did that to you must have, after all, they probably look at your site daily! 🙂

    Glad you are keeping your blog! I really enjoy reading your musings on motherhood since I'm only 6 months from being a first time mother myself- I feel somewhat prepared from reading your blog! 🙂

  • Ugh. I'm so disgusted that there are such messed up people in the world. It's sad that one person has to ruin it for the whole bunch! I read your blog all the time. I admire your complete dedication to your family, and your blog is one of the 'positives' that I insist on maintaining in my life. It uplifts me to see you so completely dedicated to your family and to God. And my resolution to eliminate the negative from my life and only focus oon the positive includes this blog.

    Ariana – please don't delete it. I enjoy reading it, even if I don't comment all the time. =)

  • I am so sorry this has happened to you. I love reaing your blog. I came here from two peas and I just loved the pictures you took of your kids. It inspired me to gt my first DSLR so I can take good photos of my kids one day (when I have them :)) I love all of your posts (even the ones about food), mainly because of your great pics. You have also inpired me to look into homeschooling my future kids and cloth diapering. Oh and green smoothies- how can I forget green smoothies!!

    I really hope you don't delete your blog b/c it has really inspired me to become a better photographer. And while we are talking about photography, will you ever do a post about how you process your photos in photoshop (if you even do). Your images are so clean and crisp and you don't look like you do much to them, but I was just wondering how you process.

    Thanks for sharing your blog with us and I hope you continue it!!

  • It sucks that you have to worry about stuff like this! Maybe it would help if you had people who read your blog share a tiny bit about themselves? Like a fun survey…nothing too personal. Then you can start getting to know those of us who read often but don't post very much.??? Sorry, I know nothing will make it better.

  • I have been checking back everyday to see what you decided. For some reason bloglines does NOT show me when you have a new post so I have to check. So glad you are going to keep blogging.:)

  • Yay that you are carrying on blogging!! Dont let that 1 a******* wreck it for you!! Love your blog, & I promise that I will stop lurking & comment more!! xx

  • I missed the post where someone was stealing your pictures and stuff! How pathetic of them! Glad you aren't going to let them stop you from sharing with us!

    I guess they must be jealous of what you have and want them as their own. I guess you should be flattered. 😉

  • Ariana – I'm sorry that there are people who don't have boundaries, and that you had to go through that invasion of privacy. BUT I am so glad you decided to continue blogging. I love checking it daily and using some of your ideas and recipes with my own family.

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