Feeling a Lot of Pressure to Close Down My Blog

I got a couple of emails about my starting a flickr account. (Thank you for the emails!)

Except I don’t post on flickr. This isn’t my account.

I already contacted who I needed to contact. I showed Allan this morning and he said he was going to have a terrible day because of it. And he really, really wants me to close down this blog.
I understand where he’s coming from. His family’s pictures are being stolen and set up somewhere else. It’s freaky.

So I’m really not sure what to do. Allan has been against me having a public blog for a long time. This pretty much seals the deal for him on deleting My Sweet Chaos.
He says of course it’s up to me since it’s my blog and it’s been my journal and my way to connect to others for the past three years. But I know that if I don’t close it down he’s going to feel like I don’t care about how he feels. This is his family and his life I talk about, too.

So I just don’t know what to do. I love that through blogging it’s so easy to connect to people. But I hate that through blogging it’s so easy for people to feel like they’re connected to me.

I could set up another private blog but I’ve never been particularly fond of private blogs unless it’s just for family and very close friends.
So, I’m just not sure.

53 thoughts on “Feeling a Lot of Pressure to Close Down My Blog

  • That is just so weird. You have great photos, so I can see why people like them. But to take them and post them elsewhere… what?

    So, so odd.


  • That is seriously creepy and weird! I really don't understand some people! I have enjoyed reading your blog, but I hope you can come to a decision that you are comfortable with. BTW, you mentioned getting together with our kids at the park sometime after the holidays. That would be fun! My baby is due on Dec 8th, so after the holidays would be good.

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